Is it everything you dreamed, Princess Sparkle? by TheLightLeavesThee

Remember that amazing violin and dubstep song from the beginning of last year? No? Then you need to, stat. That particular song was beautiful, and nothing that is this good goes un-ponified. So, a fellow brony editor by the name of TheLightLeavesThee created a pmv of equal, if not better, video equivalent for other magical bronies and pegasisters to enjoy for themselves. Now its time to get dubsteppin’ and have a great time!

General editors notes: If you watched the video, you would’ve noticed that the few constant effects used were simple ones. Blur, exposure, and opacity. These are fundamental in making pmvs of this caliber, dubstep and what not. Once again; if you have good timing, scene selection and proper use of said effects, you could make a pmv just as good as this one. But sure, it’s also the type and style of music that you choose will ultimately change the outcome and responses to your video.

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Friendship is Witchcraft Episode 8 by Sherclop Pones

Hey everyone! Starting today we’re going to be compiling the episodes of all those awesome original series out there, in our new Abridged Series section of the site!

To start us off, here is the recently released new episode of Friendship is Witchcraft, which just might be their funniest one yet!

Friendship is Witchcraft – Episode 8

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SCS: Proud to be a Brony (Song by BlackGryph0n, Video by jhaller2)


This week, we have a truly powerful piece of brony history brought to us by two of our most well known artists. This beautiful song and video are affirmations of how far we’ve come as a community. “Brony” isn’t a dirty word on the internet anymore. Through shear passion and determination, we’ve demonstrated that our appreciation for this amazing show is real, and we will not be deterred or ignored. Since we’re sort of going through a lull between seasons at the moment, I think any reminder of how great it is to be part of a group like this is a very good thing. Stand up tall and be proud, my fellow bronies! We made it!

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