Double Rainboom Typography Animation by izeer1337

Here is a video that really put me in a good mood after watching. Not only is the song by David Larsen and MandoPony extremely upbeat and positive, but the bright, bouncy typography is a great match! I find the crumpled paper style background to be incredibly charming, and the text style of the typography just screams “Clouds!” which is perfect for this song. It’s amazing to see how in the absence of new official episodes, we bronies will make fan videos for fan songs about fan episodes in the meantime!

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Poll Results | Who is best filly?

No love for Silver Spoon. She must be worst pony ever. I am okay with this.

And so we have a winner! Sweetie Bot Belle is obviously best filly to you guys, and I can see why, she has the most adorable squeaks that simultaneously cause heart-attacks and cuteness overload strokes. We now have the ultimate best filly in second place (ridiculous). She needs to be in, like, zero place. That’s better than first right? Of course it is! Sub-zero. Get it? Snowdrop? Snow is made from- oh nevermind. But you guys need to get your priorities straight, or you accidentally clicked the wrong choice. For your safety, it’s best you say it was an accident.

Next poll! Who is best antagonist?

Editor Spotlight Announcement

We at PMV Today are proud to announce a new series: Editor Spotlights! The plan is to periodically do live interviews to better get to know all the awesome editors out there. The first one will be this Saturday at 8pm Eastern time, streamed via livestream on this page. Feel free to drop in, we’ll be taking audience questions at the end. Our first victim subject will be editor extraordinaire: EpicDarkWizard12!

Update: Shows over! Stay tuned for more announcements!

“Lullaby For a Princess” | By AtraDemonica


You can call me The Spawner since that is my chosen name and or title. Signing in as the latest addition to Pmv today. I enjoy elaborating about Equestria and PMVs, talking about how they can affect us and make us emote, on that note.


Do you know that tingling feeling you get, when something is too epic? That feeling was my whole initial impression with this Pmv. Which based on its style I want to call a “Story book PMV”.

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia’s relation has been a focus of the community ever since it really first came to be. And here we have a stunning piece which illustrates Celestia’s depression that followed after banishing her sister in the moon. The PMV features good use of incorporating text into the flow of images, and the video itself is animated just enough to seem, alive.

I consider this a “storybook Pmv” or a “living storybook”. The reason is that it has Limited (yet smooth) movement and an outlined story as its main focus. Even its sections feels like pages, being sung one after another. That is where its strength lies. I find it enjoyable when a Pmv is story focused. But this is positively something else, this is a story which is Pmv focused. A story most of us know, yet never seen like this.


Backstory [added info]: This Pmv is based on a comic made by RussianKolz, who drew the comic as an homage to the song “lullaby for a princess” made by Ponyphonic (RussianKolz confimed this). And that same song by Ponyphonic is the song this Pmv is made to. First a song, then a comic, and finally a video which unites them. Things like this is the reason I sunk into this fandom, Which I never regret.

I approve this.


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Heartmender Aviators Remix by M1guel1980

Derpy, you can mend my heart any day! How could you say “no” to that face? Wait Derpy, a wrench isn’t a proper surgical instrument! Oh well, what’s the worst that could happen?

This adorable PMV features Derpy Hooves working in what looks like a mechanical heart repair shop, but what she’s really doing is melting the hearts of the audience with her cuteness and good nature. I love the style of animation that’s used for Derpy, and the ever present gears in the background are also done well. There aren’t a whole lot of Derpy scenes in the show itself, which can make it hard to do a whole Derp-centric PMV. However this video pulls it off wonderfully with a generous use of vectors, animation, and typography.

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MLPEPMVC | Too Many Pinkie Pies / Round #1

The entries are in, the video has been made and uploaded, and everyone is seated. Make sure it’s bolted down, too. We here at PMV Today are happy to present the creations of our dear fellow editors! They did a splendid job of taking one episode and making a short -but packed- little pmv from it, which they all did very well! As Lord Pony says, “Restrictions breed creativity”. Each editor did a fabulous job of making use of only a small section of  a song, or in some cases, a song that was short to begin with! Pretty much every entry is unique, they have a multitude of styles, effects and great overall feels to them! It is really nice to see such a nice response to our challenge, and we hope to see you all later for the next one.

Talkie Toaster, signing off!

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Life As We Know It by TheOfficialKooper

I think this video is telling me to party, so I think I might just do that! But not before I give you a rundown of this great pmv. We have a Pinkie themed video, and the song is very relate-able to Pinkie and her demeanor, so put them together and you get a lot of pink. And not to forget the copious amount of cool transitions and flashy effects, with the additional fancy editing and wonderfully done typography sections. I am a very big fan of typograhy videos, they get very creative and all the cool movements prove to be highly intriguing.

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Livin the Dream by Arthychaud

00047 - Living The Dream [1920x1080] [1.7778]

We’ve got something quite amazing for you all today. This video is not your typical typography. For one thing, it uses an extremely awesome rock track and chooses fantastic scenes (most of them centered around the Mane 6 living their dreams/having them wrecked “At the Gala”). But what I like the best about this PMV is that the typography is used as a framing device instead of being the focal point, which is something you do not often see in videos like this. The editor does an awesome job of balancing between the text and the visuals to create a wonderful experience, and we’re glad to share it with you today.

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