MLPEPMVC | Too Many Pinkie Pies / Round #1

The entries are in, the video has been made and uploaded, and everyone is seated. Make sure it’s bolted down, too. We here at PMV Today are happy to present the creations of our dear fellow editors! They did a splendid job of taking one episode and making a short -but packed- little pmv from it, which they all did very well! As Lord Pony says, “Restrictions breed creativity”. Each editor did a fabulous job of making use of only a small section of  a song, or in some cases, a song that was short to begin with! Pretty much every entry is unique, they have a multitude of styles, effects and great overall feels to them! It is really nice to see such a nice response to our challenge, and we hope to see you all later for the next one.

Talkie Toaster, signing off!

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MLPEPMVC | Too Many Pinkie Pies / Round #1, 4.9 out of 5 based on 16 ratings



Epic win! This turned out great :D

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