Goodbye, Doctor by Lexo Astonov


Look at that animation! It’s so smooth! Smoother than my mud shake. So we have the infamous time traveling duo, Doctor Whooves and Derpy! They make a great quilting team. I mean, they have to if they bend and possibly break the fabric of space and time right? I bet they have won many trophies in sewing up that gigantic space time blanket.

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Shadows (Aviators feat. Glaze) by M1guel1980

This PMV is a dark one folks, so viewer beware. Seriously, everything in this video is either dripping blood or on fire, sometimes both.

With that out of the way, I can’t say enough good things about the creepy atmosphere that this video manages to create. From the first few seconds when you hear the Silent Hill siren and see the plumes of blood, you know you’re in for something scary. Expert usage of light and shadow keep you wondering what terrors could be hidden in the gloom. There’s not a lot of actual animation, but what’s there is masterfully interwoven with the awesome song by Aviators and Glaze. If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside the head of a serial killer pony, then look no further than this.

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Your nightmare by AgrolChannel


Ever had the terrible, cold feeling that something is behind you, watching you? If so, then I’m sure you can relate. In this wonderfully crafted animation, Rarity faces an absolutely poorly dressed fiend. I mean really, he doesn’t even have any attire on! Very distasteful. Tsk tsk. While watching this, I actually felt a little bit of the ambiance sink in. It really got me on the edge of my seat! Metaphorically. I’m not really in any position to actually be on the edge of my seat, there’s just no space. Besides that, have the video I’ve been talking about below.

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Fus Ro Yay by Argodaemon


Oh my gosh, you guys. These Source Film Maker animations have gotten so, so awesome since they released that new update pack. Remember back when these first came out, and they were all jerky and buggy-lookin’, what with wings sticking out of ponies’ legs and stuff? Yeah, it was cool back then for a sort of novelty effect, because it was something we hadn’t seen before. But this…it just amazes me not only how far technology has advanced in such a short time, but also how far we as artists are willing to take it. This is just amazing, and I know I’m repeating myself, but I really can’t think of another word to describe this.

Now, onto the subject of the video: Dovahkiin Fluttershy. Skyrim is one of those special once-in-a-generation games where, if you play any type of video game, you’ve at least heard of it. Mostly because your other friends who play video games won’t shut up about it. The idea of interacting with dragons on a regular basis (Spike excluded) is an interesting situation to put a pony in, but especially for Fluttershy, considering a dragon is the only kind of animal she can’t stand being around. Remember when we all thought Season 3 would have an episode of her getting over her fear of dragons by becoming one? Shame that never came to pass, but this is a good way of compensating for that. So with that in mind, we now join, in progress, an in-depth look at the one and only Dovahshy performing her patented Sonic Yayboom on some unsuspecting dragon. Let’s watch, shall we?

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Celestia’s Divine Plan by theinvincible316


Today I have the epic pleasure of posting a truly special video by one of my dearest friends, not to mention one of the greatest bronies you will ever meet, theinvincible316 (or as I like to call him, Vince). This was a gift PMV crafted for yours truly, and I have to say I’m utterly humbled by the kindness of this action. And not just blown away by the obvious love and care that went into the creation of this video, but by the awesomeness of the video itself. Vince has always been an amazing editor, and it has been a great joy to my heart to watch him grow in talent as an artist. And boy, has he! Every video is better than the last, and to me, this one is no exception. It is definitely a departure from his usual style, and more of a “Hat Tip Supreme” to mine (which is what was intended, I presume), but it is no less spectacular for the more emotional and feelsy atmosphere.

And feels, the video has aplenty. I know a friendship with God may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely what keeps a smile on my face most days, and so I truly enjoyed the song’s honest reflection on the topic, and I felt like it also provided a really awesome analogy for Twilight’s relationship with Celestia. The scenes Vince chose really illustrate that well, and his editing is absolutely top hole, as always. To be able to adopt a style outside one’s norm and still pull it off flawlessly is a rare and impressive feat, but Vince has done it. It may have been made for me, but I couldn’t help showing off this amazing gift for all of the rest of you to enjoy, too.

So hurry up and enjoy it. Check it out below!

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Twilight Becomes a Color by MrDzoni955


TWILIGHT IS CHANGING COLORS? But… no! Twilight already has such a lovely and periwinkley coat of rich, delicious, lavender-amethyst-orchid-plum-mulberry-mauve shades. Ugh. First the wings, and now they’re giving her a new color? I’m not sure I can stand this.

Wait. What? It’s just based on the song title? Oh… …ohisee.  Well… that’s clever and artistic. :) I guess I am Miss Understood, and I’d just like to thank my friends and my family for all their support and for making this award a reality for-

Wait. *facehoof* Let me just start over…

Today’s PMV is a really neat little minute-and-a-bit journey with everyone’s favorite unicorn-come-alicorn. The song has a really unique beat (I believe the kids today might call it… phresh?), and the editing was really well done (depending on how you like your steak, I would almost go so far as to say that it was medium rare), with a nice, smooth, “cleanshaven” style that matched with the tune amazingly. My only complaint is that it’s rather short, and I’d love to see an extended version released in the future.

Check it out below, and drop by MrDzoni955’s channel to leave some love!

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The Good Left Undone by TheDanielsaur

Our friendly neighborhood Danielsaur is back with a more action packed PMV than his usual fare. While some videos try to create an over-arching storyline, this one sticks to finding the perfect scene for each lyric of the song. Both methods are enjoyable, especially when the scenes are perfectly chosen and timed as they are in this one. On the effects side, I really liked the slow dissolves into black & white before exploding back into color when the song picks up towards the end.

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Avatar: the Last Airbender Opening PMV by WarriorofManyFaces

Are there still any shows that haven’t received the full ponification treatment? I’m not sure, but we can now take Avatar: The Last Airbender off of that list. Avatar is another great piece of animation, so it’s only natural to see this combination. The author of this video managed to find perfect scenes for every line of the opening. Pinkie would make a great Aang, what with her wackiness, though it’s hard not to imagine glowy-eyes Twilight as Aang in the avatar state. Of course, Applejack is the only one who could be the Earthbender representative.

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Poll Results | Who is best supporting cast pony? Round #1

Alright, so if you haven’t already guessed we are going to have a few of these rounds. After that, we will put all the winners from each round and put them into one ultimate-uber-maxpower-super-awesome-mega poll for best supporting cast pony ever. Sound good? Good. Cause you have no choice. Unless you somehow manage to correctly guess who will be best pony in the comments ahead of time, then you shall have ‘Max Tier Time Lord’ stamped on your online presence for the rest of your living days. Or hours, depends on how you see it. Hop to it!

Spa Ponies get no love for their hard work and dedication at what they do. That being said, Big Macintosh certainly deserves all of those votes. Cheerilee too, she has her work cut out for her trying to keep the CMC and the rest of her class from wreaking havoc all over Ponyville and spreading loads of gossip. Though I do admire their creativity.

Round two, begin!

D.A.N.C.E. by Liftlok

It’s fitting that Liftlok’s B.E.A.T PMV was just our featured classic, because as we mentioned in that post, he’s now released the spiritual successor to that one: D.A.N.C.E. And if this video doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, I don’t know what will. See? Even Derpy can’t contain herself.

It’s great to see how far an this editor has come in just the last year. Besides the excellent timing that is the hallmark of both videos, this one features extremely smooth integration of the masked pony clips on top of still vectors, all sliding into place in perfect rhythm. I also enjoyed the black and white typography section; very classy!

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