SCS: Faint by TheeLinker


This week, we thought it was be fantastic to feature the star of our most recent Editor’s Spotlight. This PMV is amazing, in just about every possible sense of the word. The oft-smoky and/or static-y visuals are driven by a very intense remix that features a lot of well-timed scratches and cuts, and the editor makes a wonderful effort of using a cavalcade of effects for each of them. I don’t think one was repeated throughout this whole PMV. One particular eye-catching part was toward the middle, where the backbeat drops out and the melody becomes a lot more smooth, almost ghostly, and the video does this really cool half-color, half-B/W thing to emphasize the despair of being Discorded, or just not living up to the dreams the characters have because they’ve yet to discover their talents. But then an explosion of color when the track picks up again; it’s that kind of juxtaposition that really jumps out to me, and I think that’s really something worthy of celebration.

So, with that in mind, we hope you all enjoy this week’s Classic. Thanks to TheeLinker again for allowing us to spotlight him, and if you haven’t heard it yet, you should go back and check out the interview we conducted as part of that special feature. And of course, you. Thank you for watching PMV Today’s Sunday Classics Showcase! See you next Sunday!

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The Ecstasy of Gold A Tribute to Ponies [PMV] by FormulaDash




This Video is really quite, epic.

The music alone is made to enhance already dramatic and heavy moments, the pairing with the Series most dramatic  story-lines is a clear match.

Something about the way it is made reminds of a trailer, yet it really is more of the opposite. A summary of everything, including the twists and spoilers.

The editing style is rapidly, which really only makes it all more fitting and stylish.

This is the story of Twilight Sparkle, retold in a wonderfully spectacular way.

[Added Info]: “The ecstasy of Gold” by Ennio Morricone, the music this PMV was made with, was previously used for the Video which inspired this one. The inspirational Video has the same style, but is made to the tv series “Breaking Bad”.


I approve this.


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IPOD | Happy Birthday Luka by Honeychiii

I totally have no excuse as to why I choose this pic. I just really like this game, and now there is a ponification of it! I thought you might enjoy it. JohnJoseco is a very talented man.

So! Tonight we have a short and sweet birthday pmv, it does a nice job at mixing up some typography and show footage with an extra kick! Funky music, great effects, and powerful cuts. All in under forty seconds! Why not go and say happy birthday? Might make Luka’s day!

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Rainbowlicious V2.0 Remix by PhonyBrony by DoubleRainbowfilly

Prepare your ears, because this remix of the audio from the “Rainbowlicious” animation by BlackGryph0n is catchy as anything. If by the end of this video you are still confused as to who this rainbow maned pony is, I don’t know what to tell you. I think she made it quite clear.

This PMV is a lot of fun to watch, with clever use of shapes and letters to do a kind of typography as each letter is sung. It also featured a ton of green-screen Rainbow Dash’s that are used to lip synch much of the song. Also, congrats on what I believe is our first 4 level deep ponyception (TV show -> original animation -> music remix -> PMV)

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Closer [PMV] by GalaxyartForever


Happy Friday everybody, today we have a PMV / Animation from the ever talented GalaxyArtStudios! MAN IS THERE ANYTHING THIS GUY CANT DO?!!? Man, this has original and animated parts… I really cant describe this in enough detail to do this video any justice. Please, for the love of god, stop reading this and go! Really, STOP. AND GO. WHAT ARE YYOU DOING, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Hey, really… stop… go and watch…

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(PMV) Lonely Day by BPfactory


A PMV based on the song “Lonely Day” of System Of a Down. Shows different scenes in a desolate environment, a factor was is not very good maybe is some animations are not much realistic, but in general this video is very good, unlike others PMV, with its own touch of originality.
The combination of ambient and the characters with the effect of light is the main feature of this video.
I recommend this PMV if you want to know other types of videos.

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Magic by rainbowdashzx

Today we have a new commercial like pony video! Watch it on a TV for more effectiveness. Inspired partially by Dork pmv, and those silly Apple ads you see on the telly. I’d totally go buy a pony (toy) after seeing this! It’s like it cast a spell on me. Or maybe I’m weak willed? I’m going to have to say both. Anyway, watch this and buy things!
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Hit Em Up by Vito Corleone


One of the most fun things about making PMVs is the use of contrast. Some of the most interesting examples out there use certain types of music you wouldn’t expect, and the result is a video that leaves you scratching your head but ultimately intrigued. The most glaring kind of music that can be employed is old school gangsta rap, probably the most un-pony genre of music in the world. It’s slightly surprising that the pony that is most often the subject of this type of PMV is Fluttershy, the most un-gangsta pony in the show. (Well, when you think about it, she did have some decidedly gangsta moments) But contrast only takes you so far; once the novelty wears off, you need to have a good video behind it. And this one, lacking any special effects, relies on very accurate timing and perfect capturing of facial cues to create an intense mood. There is also a painstaking focus on lip-syncing that a PMV maker like me (who makes that my own bread and butter) can really appreciate. There’s a whole series of PMVs just like this one that match this quality and exceed it on Vito’s channel, so if you liked this one, I’d humbly suggest you send him a little more love.

Warning: This PMV is gangsta. Like, thoroughly gangsta. And that means a healthy and extensive use of harsh lyrical content. Seriously, if this video were censored, it would probably be about 20 seconds long. So if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, it might be a good idea to skip this one.

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Dust Bowl Dance by ObbsessiveBookworm

Today’s PMV tells an interesting and rather dark story; one of love, betrayal, and revenge. Of course that means Pinkamena Diane Pie must be involved! The various Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash scenes were spliced together perfectly to create a very different sequence of events compared to the episodes they came from. All in all a very impressive bit of storytelling!

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