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Fellow saturdayians,

This certainly was somewhat of a surprice really. Usually when the Mane6 are in a PMV the focus is them all as a group. This PMV, however seems to want to put it’s focus on many of the ponies different relationships, a welcoming perspective.

Parts of this PMV makes good use of the canvas of the video, along with movement and slight dynamic colourfull scene choices.
It pours that nice feeling of calming over you, like a gentle waterfall. A fine calm addition, to a fine lazy day.


I approve this.

[Added Info]: If you would like to learn to play the song for this PMV, The artist who wrote it has created a tutorial for it here. (This video was posted the day after my birthday).
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Mahou Shojo Twilight Sparkle! by FantasyBlade


Happy Friday evening everybody! Today, I have another GREAT animation from Fantasy Blade, of whom I had the pleasure to meet at BronyCon. :3 ANYWHO, this is following his path of destruction by animating MLP in anime style stuff. Now myself, I am not an anime fan, BUT GEEZ, this looks fantastic, if there was a show that looked like this, I’d pay money to watch it! So go watch this now, and I’m almost sure you’ll feel the same way!

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Scootaloo The Concrete Angel by 462gha

A very pleasant day to you guys…. oh who am I kidding, the picture sums up the post, my mood, the video, the various things you have feelings for, and I bet you $2 and a voucher that you felt something staring at her above. (I feel you Scootaloo, I think I’m invisible too *shot*…… guess not….)

Anyway, *sniff* today we got a runner-up from that PMVToday contest and from a highly underrated editor. Specializing in in ponifying musicals, the author should be up there with the likes of DagaYemar. Ahem, back to the video (Mr. derailer) which should be obvious by now features our beloved (chicken!) CMC, Scoots!

However, like I said, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows (hurr hurr) and we are given a pretty emotional song (biased since I’ve heard it many times, plus it’s about child abuse) that can relate to her when you can imagine it further. The scenes match very well with the lyrics and the mild colour correction helps the carry the heavy tone of the video. Overall, you have a simple video that forces you to feel for Scoots that yeah, she is not a kind of poultry, and you realize she goes through everyday like with an Iron Will (Concrete Angel, ha! *shot*) and is once again, best CMC (totally not biased here, I swear by wings and a thigh) This is deservedly a winner somewhere in the contest! (shame the competition in the Dramatic category is tough)

*sniff* I’m still in a disarray but here’s that annoying summation list just for me to grab me a box of tissue:

The-solid-ways-to-put-my-feels-together list
1. Relatively smooth and thematic
2. Scene choices fit like a hand in a glove (perfect contrast with the uplifting chorus showing her strong moments then with the verses highlighting despair)
3. Nothing fancy, just enough to simply fit the video
4. It’s super effective and has a high critical rate on the feels

Check out the reason why am not sleeping tonight BELOW: (litters more tissue)

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Well done, and be sure to leave your love, comments and if you want, drop by and subscribe to the author above! (if you want your $2…)

P.S. *sniff* I can’t handle poor ol’ Scoots to depart
P.P.S. *ThatStrangeFella beaten to death for spoiling and referencing bad stuff in posts*

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It Was Just A Bad Dream by xSilverTigress


Get your panties ready, for today we head into…. effects! All hail the mighty effects over lord!

I’m not sure what to say about this one, it features some nice smooth feels at a reasonable pace. So in light of my lack of words, I’m going to give a few pointers on making pmvs.

First off, with probably the hardest part, is scene selection. This is the most vital part of making any pmv that uses show footage and not original animation. I can’t explain how to do this, so you’ll have to go by trial and error. Next, is pace. If your song is slow, take slightly longer cuts with either lengthened or smoother transitions. With faster songs, it’s best to cut at equal times according to the beat. There’s nothing better than having your brains exploded by perfect timing.

Just a few tips, probably wrong, but take it as you please. Perhaps we could create a community contributed giant beginners tutorial and/or guide page? I think we should invest in this.

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Keep Holding On by Geo Wiz


A couple of my friends were talking at school the other day, and the subject of Avril Lavigne came up. The point was issued that she was one of those special pop/rock stars from the early/mid 2000s that, even if you refused to admit it publicly, you liked her. I’ll admit, I did like her first album a lot. Anyway, I have a theory that this mindset applies to MLP as well. Every hardcore hater you see out there, is probably secretly watching the show in their rooms at night, when they think no one is looking. We can see you.

This PMV is from a relatively obscure editor who makes so much feel goodsy stuff, it’s almost a shame they aren’t more well known. This video focuses on all the great “friendship” scenes that pepper the show: All the laughing together, all the hugs, lots of lights and rainbows and stuff. It’s a great video to get your day started off right, and we hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to stop by the producer’s channel to give them some much needed attention!

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Where is the Love by CHrieger15

Ah… Simple PMVs… how I love them. And for some reason I also love these high-pitched, chipmunkified songs. Something about them just seems to work well with pony, and I’m very okay with that. The lyrics themselves also fit very well, with all the day/moon, light/dark stuff (I think the day is coming very soon when every single song in the universe that mentions the stars, the sun, or the moon will have a PMV of it).

My only gripe with this one is that during the chorus, the footage doesn’t always keep up with the fast-paced techno beat.  Maintaining a simple, effect-free style with this kind of busy, fast song can be really hard to do well, so I understand why it’s like that, but perhaps some more clips with quicker changes would have been a benefit.

That aside, this is still a wonderful video with a fun, unique song, and pretty solid editing. It’s also the author’s first full-length PMV, so he’s got that going for him. Make sure to check it out below, and then swing by the author’s channel to subscribe or leave a comment!

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Applause by xNeonKiwify

Got a real short one for you this morning! Just a tantalizing morsel, really – and boy does it tantalize.  Just as I was leaning forward in my seat and getting really into it… it ends. But don’t let that impending disappointment keep you from watching this great little tease.  It’s so beautiful, buttery smooth and delicious, and I can only hope that the author is planning to do a full version of it someday.

Check it out below! And visit the author’s channel to subscribe or leave a comment.

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