Death Should Not Have Taken Thee | Racecarghost1


So, more Japanese music videos get ponified again, as Raceghost1 brings us the lovely “Death Should Not Have Taken Thee.” The first thing I’d like to say is…WOW. What an improvement this guy has made since the last time he made one of these videos.

For those that don’t remember, Racecarghost1 attempted to do something similar to this with his Game Of Life video. The only problem with that video, is that some of the vectors were in poor quality, and overall the video itself needed some extra polish, as it felt a little rough around the edges. Along with the audio quality, which was also not that great.

This time around, however, Racecarghost gave this video the extra polish it needed, and made an overall well done, entertaining, and very tightly edited video. I don’t really have any qualms with it besides the length, but alas, it was necessary to mimic the original music video, which this adaptation does a superb job at doing.

All I can say is, this is a fantastic improvement Racecarghost, you’ve come far, I and others can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Keep up the good work. And as for the rest of you, go watch this fantastic video.

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PONY Kanye West POWER parody by DAT BRONY STAN

The music video for Kanye West’s “Power” was already really cool, and we’ve seen a 2D animated ponification of it before. Now here’s the logical next step: add a third dimension! This source filmmaker animation stands out on its own with a ton of great models, all moving subtly in their own ways. From the spa twins singing in the back to Octavia playing in the front, and my personal favorite: all the pegasi thrusting out their wings as the music rises. Celestia’s steely stare holds it all together in the center; the mare with all the power. An awesome adaptation of an awesome music video.

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Fallout Equestria (Tales from Far Away) by M1guel1980



Fellow Saturdayians,

Often on these Sundays, we look at something with energy, something fun more often than not. Today is different as you might imagine…

Fallout is famous for giving a story which is told mostly through it’s environment and setting, instead of  words. A technique which this Pmv also utilizes to great affect. The background is well textured and detailed, using many effects that I rarely see in Pmv’s. All this builds up to a detailed and living (or, possibly dying) world. And of course, the music does a great job of strengthening these environments and feelings.

This Pmv style is something I call a ”Storybook pmv”. In which the imagery is mostly static, alike to the pages of a book, and where the music functions as an enhancer to the portrayed story.

This is a moving story which very well might play at your heartstrings. Possibly something to give contrast, to a well enjoyed Saturday.

I approve This.

[Added Info]: Fallout crossed with Pony fan fiction was banned for some time on Equestria Daily, due to the fact that the number of fan fictions sent in about this was to (damn) high.

[Personal Info]: The first Pmv I featured on PmvToday was also a ”Storybook Pmv”.

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Memoir Of Season 1 Wavin’ Flag by ACRacebest

Slap me silly for the flag is up for me breaking rules again just before Slapback Saturday!

In fact, in generous spirit of me how about less crap? I mean, I’ll ramble much less and let this video remind you of about when only season 1 existed when we were just new friends before the whole thing exploded to a thriving community. Never forget the friends you made, the experience you’ve gained and times you’ve shared because they always stay with you, be it as lessons, experience or something different you will like to share to others. The “Love And Tolerate” thing has been butchered to death already so make your own term and bring positivity to yourself before anyone else and just know “be yourself no matter what they say” and yeah? Oh of course the PMV’s pretty cool too…

But you can never get rid of that list can’t you:

1. Simple and thematic (Has a chronological order to show events of season 1 by episode)
2. No distracting effects
3. ACRace from videos like these and his other silly things to Vlogger extravaganza (oh wait, not related)

Check one, two on the mic and salute as the anthem is playing BELOW:

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P.S. Oh LordPonyTower, don’t kill another kitty! Upstairs can’t handle anymore fuzzt furballs…
P.s.S. When I get older, I will get stranger. They’ll call me weirdo just like a mental hack… and then he goes back…..

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Bullet Train by ReignBeauxDash

I like to call these pmvs “audio reactive”, which is probably wrong in every way. Anyhow, it draws you in with its splendid timing and subtle effects. Want to know my favourite? Chromatic aberration, I love love love it! To me it gives scenes more power, making it look like it’s going to explode with awesomeness or something.

“MY BRAND!” ~Totally related quote of the day

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Equestria In the Dark by Thoom Kaptain

Equestria after dark: are you brave enough? Luna assured me that there’s nothing to worry about at night, but I’m not so sure.

Anyway, this video may not be too flashy but its got great timing and a cool techno tune. Plus it focuses on the awesome monsters and villains which is always something I love. Maybe the dark isn’t so bad after all, if you’re there with your friends.

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Let’s Play: The Legend of Zelestia: The Flugelhorn of Time (Part 8) by VonSnootingham


Doo doo doo doooooo! You found a Crystal Heart! Just don’t eat it! You’re gonna need that to save the Crystal Empire!

Today, we’ve got a short (sort of) playthrough of a game series which may look very familiar to some of us. The video game interface of this video is done very well, with items equipped in the arsenal as they are picked up, and of course, the help messages. You know what I mean.

The action in the episode chosen, which I feel is one of the most underrated of season 3, really fits the “action-adventure” atmosphere of the LoZ series. King Timberwolf could very well be a monster in a future edition. Of course, all you’d have to do is throw rocks at it and you win, but that’s true of any boss monster in that game.

Oh, and for an extra dose of fun, try plugging a game controller to your computer and pretending to play the game. Imagination!

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Satellite by Athil Darkfarm


Rise Against and ponies go together like kumquats and pickle barrels. IMHO. Is it kosher to do abbreviations like IMHO on a write-up like this? I kinda feel like we’re supposed to be a little more formal around here, and not use such shorthand and text slang. LOL!!! ;-)

Um… sorry. I slipped out of character for a moment there. Where was I? Ah, yes, eloquently articulating and expounding on the attributes and idiosyncrasies of this telegenic rhythmic-euphonious broadcast. Quite. Indeed. I concur. Most postulatory.

Oh boy. I’m losing it. Just go watch the video… and here’s the author’s channel for your education and delight.

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