Horrifying Pony Present by Crowne Prince



Today, with Nightmare Night literally on the horizon, we at PMV Today present to you a “spooky” short film from the (ahem) Crowne Prince of pony animations. It’s not scary in the “maniac in a speedo with a chainsaw and a hook, blood and guts everywhere” kind of spooky, but it’s psychologically scarring. In the way that makes you think. The scariest movie monsters are the ones that you see very little of. They’re a creaky door, a strange crashing sound, a shape in the shadows. And those monsters are scary because of one thing: your own imagination. Your brain knows exactly how to scare you, and when you can’t see the monster, your brain is free to come up with the scariest thing it can think of. That’s why this particular pie is so scary: because it’s a mystery. Where did it come from? Who made it? What is it made of? Creeps me out just thinking about it.

Or maybe, perhaps even scarier, this video is a commentary on our society’s obsession with labels, and how we attach them to people based on the tiniest trivial details of their lives. Soarin’ ate one pie, one time. And now, for the rest of his life, no matter what he does, he’s the “pie pony”. And we just won’t stop, ever. Scary, right? I imagine that in his cloud yard, there’s a cloud shed just packed to bursting with pies that he can’t eat and never will.

My bottom line, this is a very good, very spooky video, and you should all check it out.

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Crusader (Are We There Yet) by SpectraPony


Ahh… I love a good Cutie Mark Crusaders PMV (I was gonna shorten that to CMC PMV, but I thought that would be too many acronyms to handle at one go). This video is nice and simple, and I mean that in the best way possible. A lot of attention is given to timing and excellent scene choices, and the result is excellent flow and an overall polish that shines through brilliantly. The song is very optimistic and upbeat, and (naturally) fits the CMC perfectly. Effects are tastefully absent, apart from some nice flash transitions that work really nicely with the rhythm.

Back in Season 1, I didn’t care much for the Crusaders, but now I love them, and PMVs like this illustrate exactly why. Check it out below!

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Twilight the Purple Pony Eater by TangyNeonz


Sometimes a PMV shows up that is just so out there and silly and awesome but you can’t help but fall instantly in love with it. That’s how I feel about this one. I never would have imagined that this song could be effectively pulled off in a PMV, but that just goes to prove the increasingly solid fact that anything… ANYTHING can be ponified successfully. This fantastic simple PMV is a delight. No fancy effects here, but the timing and the choice of scenes (especially the selection of facial expressions) is absolutely pristine. I love the heavy use of scenes from “Sleepless in Ponyville” that brings the feeling of the song being sung as a spooky story around the campfire by Rainbow Dash.

Entertaining. Well-edited. Ponies. Three wonderful reasons to watch and enjoy this PMV. So go watch it below!

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Loading Equestria by Tisteve

If only it were that easy, just type in a command and all of Equestria is at your fingertips! In this case, you also get a healthy dose of wubs when you load up this PMV.  I love when a video is done through the perspective of an external entity, in this case a computer screen or a video camera. There’s also plenty of cool animations to keep your eyes busy while you enjoy the music. It kinda makes you wonder, is there some place in the universe where a bunch of ponies are sitting at home watching videos of humans?

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Pinkie Pie (Typography, Owl City Fireflies) by HyperGamingSquad

Today we’ll take a break from the Halloween theme for something that’s just bursting at the seams with good feelings. You guessed it: that means we’ve got a Pinkie Pie video!

And not just any video, but a full on typography that’s beautiful to behold. I loved the different uses of text throughout, not to mention the well placed pinkie clips intertwined with the text. Some awesome particle effects and AE animations were the icing on this delicious and enjoyable cake/PMV.

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MLP FiM Cast sings Nightmare Night | AceWissle



In today’s video, we get a semi-YTPMV style video using the song Nightmare Night by Glaze and MicTheMicrophone.

I say semi-YTPMV style video because…it’s not really a YTPMV, more or less using clever audio and video cuts from the show to match up to the song, and it does it’s job rather well.
One thing though…what’s up with dancing Luna? o_O
Anyway, go check it out below!~

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Nightmare Night Music Video by BronyDanceParty

Let’s keep that Halloween vibe going! Today we’ve got an awesome fully animated music video to one of the most popular Brony songs out there: Nightmare Night by WoodenToaster and MicTheMicrophone!

BronyDanceParty has really come a long way with their animations; facial expressions and lip synch are top notch, and there is a ton of stuff going on from the characters singing the songs to the shenanigans of the guards pranking everyone. Apparently they have some pretty high tech special effects at Equestrian concerts, and I know I would totally pay to hear those two perform live!

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Want It, Need It (Hold Me) by Omega Ozone


Since we’ve got a really nice streak of Halloween-y type of videos going on right now, let’s keep it going with a very special Sunday Classics Showcase. Tonight, we’re sharing with you what is quite possibly the most decidedly creepy animation in our entire fandom. I’m still getting all chilled thinking about it. This video is a very faithful re-imagining of an equally creepy music video, and just everything about it, from the slowly changing facial expressions, to the really unsettling puppet dances, will take your spine, dip it in ice, and wrap it around your heart a couple times for good measure. All in all, this is a true labor of love, with a spark of insanity, which stands out as a true classic among all the other nightmare fuel-ish PMVs that will no doubt be filling your computer screens on this, the spookiest time of the year.

Be sure to check out (if you haven’t already) the Youtube channel of our good friend OmegaOzone, who was also an honored guest of our very own Editor Spotlight series, where he talks about this video and much, much more. You can find that here:

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“Pinkie Becomes…” & “Nightmare Rarity Arc 2” by MrDzoni


Fellow Saturdayians,


Nightmare night is drawing near, And as we prepare for this once a year occasion, so does The Inhabitants of Ponyville.
In these two very short Pmvs, we witness two ponies in particular as they are changed by the holiday that awaits.

The first one is one of familiarity. It begins innocent enough, a happy pink pony enjoying herself, But something far more sinister awaits. The video is paced well and features an array of creepy implications and effects to the tone of a classical theme.
The second one is less obvious, playing with the lingering unknown. Far calmer than the first one, it features imagery pointing to one pony we all know of.

Effects and filters do their job well in both of these videos, heightening the atmosphere and chills.
So, as you watch these videos, prepare, for soon it will be time. Nightmare is drawing near…
I approve This.

[Added Info]: Rarity’s original Friendship element was “inspiration”, but this was changed to Generosity.
[personal Info]: I will also celebrate NightMareNight.

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