Wanderlust [PMV] by King Hatchet


Fellow Saturdayians,


We have got heavy music ahead. This videos has several good examples on synching the visuals to the music, which is shown  much in the beginning where the beat and lyrics match into the story. The PMV shows use of several styles, both the story aspect of longer video clips, the beat matching with the cutie marks as well as sections which utilize texts.

I certainly enjoyed this video, whihc made a nice outline to this saturday.

I approve This.


[Added Info]: The band Megadeth first started back in 1983.


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Couldn’t You Just Simply Die by Terriccota Pie

Happy Friday night to all!

Tonight we bring you a dark, creepy PMV done by the elusive Terriccota Pie. The PMV was done to the very cool, very eerie song Couldn’t You Just Simply Die by General Mumble. It used scenes from past episodes and seasons, as well as a few scenes from the newest season 4 episodes. The use of filters and effects fit the PMV almost perfectly. At times it felt like the use of distortion and speed tampering was a bit much, but that may just be me. Either way, I very much enjoyed this PMV, and hope you do as well.

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When I’m Ruling by GeneralSlinkie

In lieu of the TwiCane meme that’s spread like wild fire, here’s a fad revival of the “When I’m…” style videos. So that makes this a fad meme crossover. I don’t think any fandom could sustain itself if more of these came out. It’d be the fad meme apocalypse! We’d have to fight them off with original content, build bunkers made of captions, and weapons of fanfics! Fight the oppressive forced content! Viva la revolution!
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Bullet Train by ESB


Happy Consumption of Mass Quantities of Turkey Day, friends and families! I know everyone’s probably really busy today with all kinds of party-related obligations, so we’re gonna do this really quick-like. You might even say, this post is coming at ya like a “Bullet Train.” That wasn’t supposed to be that terrible, I’m sorry. Anyway, this is a video that really should have been featured before, but things sometimes fall through the cracks, and I apologize for that. This particular PMV was inspired by another video that was already featured here, and they are both fantastic. But this one, at least I believe, surpasses it in several instances. I really liked the clever use of fades and blurs to accentuate the beat, and the dynamic transitions during the breaks and choruses. Also, that section at the beginning, were the camera pulls away and reveals about a hundred different scenes; there’s no describing how much work and time that must have taken. This video is very visually pleasing, and I highly recommend it if you have some free time today. In fact, share the magic with your families and spread the love and tolerance!

Happy Thanksgiving again, everybody! Have a wonderful holiday season!

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Attack by HeartStrongerWolf


Greetings, and happy almost Thanksgiving! Or You’re Welcoming, if you’re hipster and want to be different. For those of us who live on the east coast, it’s only an hour away! Epic midnight snack, here I come.

But I think I’m drifting off topic. I’m here to write about PMVs! I think you’ll like this evening’s video. It sets the song “Attack” by 30 Seconds to Mars to footage primarily from the Season 4 opener. (It sure doesn’t take people long to put that new footage to good use!) The song works really well with the flashback scenes of Luna and Celestia’s struggle. The words and singing style of the song translates exceptionally to the emotion of the moment. There is also a neat color flashing effect at the edges of the video’s vignette that syncs up with the rhythm of the song and gives it that action edge.

Check it out below!

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Mirror Of Dreams by Jaref

New author SkyDash here, and I’ve got a mythically epic PMV for you below.  To introduce myself, I’m a Star Wars (and MLP, of course) nerd who absolutely loves watching pony music videos.  I started out as an animation reviewer for a show called My Little Reviews that I do with cool guys like the one and only Quetzal Dash.  I’ve had the chance to meet tons of PMVers on that livestream and I hope to meet even more on here!  Favorite pony is Fluttershy, and favorite villain is Discord.  Speaking of which, there is still an epic video that needs watching!

Not only do the visuals absolutely glow with the feeling that the song presents, but it’s nice and simple, just like the song.  I still say that it could have used some coloring here and there, but overall it is really great.

Jaref is known, of course, for his skill at making such brilliant simple PMVs.  The main exemplary point in this one however, is the match of storyline with the song and the author’s ideas.  Celestia and Luna banishing the good old DeLancie Discord wasn’t very easy for them.  This is a concept very well represented by the song choice and scene selection.  Enjoy!


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“self vs self” Remastered | bubbleberrygaming


Gooood Evenin’ everyone! Tonight we have a PMV for you that is very unique in it’s own right. Introducing me to a song I’d never heard of before (Though it’s by Pendullum, so I feel bad for not knowing it already) and editing to it with lots of fast cuts and flashes, even though they’re a tad overdone the PMV still flows well from scene to scene. Not much to say but, go watch now! This video needs some good lovin’!…and I need some food. Be back later.

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Fourth city by theusbac

Did all of you thoroughly enjoy the beginning of the new season? I know I did! The coolest part to me was the sequence of flashbacks to Luna and Celestia being awesome in the distant past. As expected,  our intrepid PMV artists are already hard at work creating videos using those spectacular scenes, and today we’ve got one of the first. Lots of great typography and really nice timing with the split screen effect. I can’t wait to see more new episodes, and to see what all the great editors out there will do with them!

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Monty Python and the Elements of Harmony (Ending Scene) by LimeyLassen


So check it out. Tonight on the Sunday Classics Showcase, we’ve got a hidden little gem from one of the funniest, and most venerable viridian PMV makers in our community. This video features a very faithful MLP re-telling of the classic film , because of course it is. You really can’t go wrong with any scene, but major props for using one of the most memorable moments, and most memorable characters, from the film. The image of Trixie hanging out on the old castle battlement and shouting at the Mane Six in a fancy accent is too entrancing to pass up. And can I just say how amazingly well the footage from the Season 1 premiere holds up, even 3 years later?

Remember when we were first introduced to the Elements of Harmony? I’ll be honest, my hopes were not high when they debuted. Magical shiny rocks that fix everything with rainbows? Seemed kinda fishy. But really, they’re part of our show’s history now, and I’m kind of shocked to….Oh…well, I suppose I should recuse myself from making that statement on account of some people maybe not seeing the Season 4 premiere yet.

So, that being said, enjoy this silly classic video, and we’ll see you again next week!

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