Sunshine by Lord Pony


Tonight I’ve got for you a very lovely, inspiring, and chill-inducing PMV by our very own Lord Pony! A different take and look on the battle between Queen Chrysalis and Princess Celestia. The scene selection, the great editing, and the very.. moving track all tie in together to bring you one excellent, jaw-dropping PMV! It’s a very fun ride the whole way through, and there’s not much more to say. Check it out below!

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A Thousand Miles by Paul Miller IV


Hey folks! rainbowdashzx here to bring you another PMV. I’ve been thinking, too.. we don’t get enough of these here. If only we could have a website dedicated to just… ah, never mind. Silly idea. Moving on!Paul Miller IV once again killing it in scene selection, putting great scene choices to what he calls “One of the most popular songs ever written in the past 20 years.” And he’s certainly not wrong on that account. The video stays paced well, and relies, much like on his “This is Our Story” PMV, on scene selection to drive emotions forward past what the track itself presents. It’s a very comforting and relaxing feeling to see simple and nice editing once in awhile. It was a great PMV, it was fun to watch, and you should definitely check it out below!

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This is Our Story by Paul Miller IV

Well what do we have here? Looks to me like a simple PMV by a guy who knows how to pick his scenes! Dae314 reporting in for a second time this weekend with another video for you all. It seems that you didn’t like the last video, but that’s OK. I’ll forgive you. As long as you like this one because honestly there’s not much to dislike about it! You couldn’t find a simpler PMV if you tried. However there’s something magical about the way Paul Miller IV edits his videos. The lack of effects and transitions makes the PMV play out like a scene from a movie. You can easily imagine some credits beginning to roll up the screen as the video unfolds. The simple editing also really highlights Paul’s taste in scene selection. Although he sometimes sacrifices context for lip sync, there are almost no misplaced scenes to speak of. The power of this editing style is that it is very familiar maybe even nostalgic for viewers. In “This is Our Story”, Paul couldn’t have picked a better song to pair with this style. The video and song work together to create a very soothing, almost relaxing experience. In a lot of ways the video sums up the feelings of admiration and joy experienced by every fan every time a new episode is viewed. In what I think is a brilliant decision, Paul extends the video just a little past the song’s end point. This silent portion at the end of the video gives viewers a small opportunity to reflect on how great My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has been throughout the years. Overall, this video should leave you with a very sweet but mellow taste as Paul forces you to reflect on the show we all love.
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The Living Daylights by Pinkamena Tuxedo Pie

*smoke machines* The name is that strange, ThatStrangeFella *virtual statistic scan: Agent N Double O B*

Yes, it’s me again.. been away on secret classified missions to handle crappy intern ships dealing with rigorous maintenance of show equipment of all sorts… next target the venue at coordinates… yes? Right the video briefing, what we have here ladies and gentlemen is something kind off unique which follows the original opening here and there and then it’s time for you to start tripping over the deep red visuals and mirror images and gunpoint *shot* OWWWW ok… apparently there is a quota on how much I can goof off here so enjoy the suspense and the fresh imagery while I go secretly invade the offices to pile up thousands of request forms for my transfer… wish me luck *smoke machines*

*Psssssshhhhh* *Communications on* Proceed with caution BELOW:

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P.S. This just in, ThaStrangefella seen riding 214B ice car *FINISH* woops, never mind

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DisDubSTEP by SpyroTheDragon1267

Hello everyone! New writer Dae314 here with a greeting post and a video that will blast you right back to 2007 (or 2011). Who remembers this little gem of a mobile game called, The Impossible Game published back in 2011? What about this much less popular game called, Music In Motion published back in 2008? Or maybe even the original song dating back almost 7 years ago to 2007 called Fire Aura? This song has made its rounds in many forms of media but never before PMVs… Until now!

Despite the misnomer in the title, this video captures the untamed energy of the song through a dizzying use of more Vegas Pro effects than I can count. SpyroTheDragon126 deftly follows the twists and turns in the melody with mostly appropriate scene choices while smoothing over the transitions with the use of chaotic effects and cropping. Surprisingly, there aren’t very many fancy transitions or even cuts in the video. The effects used in DisDubSTEP carry most of the energy of the song and give the illusion that transitions are happening when really screen elements are just moving around. Watching this video left me feeling inexplicably happy yet unsatisfied that I did not yet own a talking shapeshifting rainbow crocodile that could shoot bubbles out of its ears. One thing this video definitely still needs is a seizure warning during the first few seconds before the music begins to accelerate.

Enjoy the absurdity below:
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Somewhere Out There In Equestria by Stellafera


Meta. Pop Culture. Movie Reference. Cool cool cool.

You might not have understood me, but I was just speaking Community, which is an awesome TV series that has been blended perfectly with our favorite ponies in this very touching and poignant video. The song they use in this uplifting cover comes from a movie about the most criminally-underappreciated cartoon mouse in movie history, with a bouncy Irish-folksy twist, which is perfect for the month of March.

There’s also a soft white focus added over the top of the video which accentuates the understated power of the song’s message. The filter beats wonderfully in time to the drums in the verses, metaphorically symbolizing our collective hearts, and they way they all beat together, which is something I think we can all agree is a beautiful thought.

At any rate, we hope you enjoy this fantastic project, and be sure to visit our friend Stella’s channel for more PMV awesomeness!

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Clouds by BronyApproved


Sometimes a song comes along that just matches the subject matter so well, that it’s like… well, actually I’m not entirely sure what it’s like, but I really enjoy the results when it happens! Today’s video contains a song that fits Rainbow Dash to a tee (what does that expression even mean, anyway?). I like how the song is very relaxed and chill, instead of the more energetic songs that typically coincide with RD. This song and this video do a really nice job of catching her slightly more subdued and low-key side, and in a very cheerful and simple way that is a delight to watch. The timing on the song’s chime-like intro is especially great, and the whole video is a very smooth and easy watch. No frills or fancy effects, but that’s what I like best, and the simple style works perfectly for this one.

Check it out below!

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The Black Sheep & The Shepherd by Obsessive Bookworm

It’s ok Applejack, in the world of PMVs you definitely aren’t a background pony. ;D

Wow dudes, this video speaks to me on levels unknown.  And that’s really the quality that you have to pay attention to here.  I’ll start with the bad; the coloring effects were slightly misplaced.  Even in happy moments we tended to get some black and white thrown in for whatever reason.  Now that isn’t to say it wasn’t used amazingly at other points in the song, but there were some spots that made you go and think “Gee, this really don’t seem like much of a B&W moment to me…”  Also, there were some timing issues with some key events and transitions (that of which, the author admits to).

But DAAAAAAAAANG!  Did y’all even catch that storytelling though?  I won’t explain the full story because I’m afraid it would take too long and that I couldn’t represent it fully in just words.  But believe me, you are going to have to watch this thing multiple times to get all of those feels in.  Don’t just look for a superficial moral in the song lyrics themselves, but try to comprehend exactly what ObsessiveBookworm was doing while pulling those specific clips from the show.  The editor definitely has a knack for story, and it’s a shame this thing has less than a hundred views thus far because some people could really learn from it.  (On that note, SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL)

Your assignment: watch the following video 2-5 times and just try to wrap your brain around it.  May the feels be with you.

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Hey Brother by PartyGrunt

A PMV based on the song Hey brother! by Avicii, and focused on Twilight and Shining Armor.
This video uses some great scenes from the episode A Canterlot Wedding Part 1-2, also the typography effects are loyal to the original video. Personally, I recommend this song as it’s one of my favorites in this time of the year.

Anyway, you should be strong in this time with the claims of Hasbro, because all the fandom is supporting us. Stay awesome!


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