Revenge by Jiutti

Hello everybody! Dae314 here to remind you to take revenge on your arch nemesis this weekend… or not… maybe you can just plot this weekend and take revenge next weekend. Then again, there is this really cool video by Jiutti about revenge that you can watch instead of plotting. Yeah… that sounds a lot better. Evil revenge plotting will be next weekend. Your arch nemesis got off easy this week but not two weeks from now!

Just in case you missed the last episode of season, Jiutti kindly provides scenes almost solely from that episode mostly in order for your enjoyment. The effects used are generally appropriate, but there are some scenes where the flashing or desaturation gets a little out of hand. Oddly enough for a song titled “Revenge”, this video unfolds slowly enough that the story telling doesn’t feel forced. Overall on the “Should I Watch This” scale, this video would be a “watch this and remember that MLP IS GONE for several months at least.” That will give you a lot of sadness and rage with which you can plot your revenge next weekend. Happy Saturday everyone!
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Diamond Eyes by z Mark Anthony (XJ-9 Media)


Not often do we get PMVs centered around very nice, very punchy Hard Rock. Of course, that’s exactly what I’ve got for you tonight! This PMV brings out those.. goosebumps in you that only strong, amazing scenes can do. The emotions that just make you go.. “…wow.” before you click the replay button and watch it again. Check it out below, and don’t be ashamed to replay it.. over, and over, and over!

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With or Without You by Red Card


Rarity: “Et tu, Sweetie Belle?”

Translation: “U2, Sweetie Belle?”

Okay, okay, that joke was in bad taste, but Mario and Luigi got a laugh out of it, I bet. Because they’re Italian, and… nevermind.

Let’s start again, shall we? Today’s PMV is an enjoyable and simple one, set to a great Et Tu—er, U2 song. The flapping pony mouths during certain instrumental parts was a bit distracting, but overall, the editing is pretty smooth, and the scene choices carry a good vibe throughout, and follow the lyrics with supreme literalness at times. Really, this is a solid and feel-good montage of some of the best parts of the show, set to a great classic song.

Check it out below, and head over to the author’s channel to leave a comment or subscribe!


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‪Motion Six (PMV)‬ by ‪Izeer‬



You thought Lord Pony would write this monday post as usual? (or maybe you never check who writes these posts, and believe it is written by magic. Well, sorry to break your bubble, they are not.) But, no sir.
It is me, The Spawners. I have been gone for quite a while, caused by rather complicated reasons, but no time to go on about that. I am just glad to be back and You have an up-beat Video to check out.


Fellow Mondaynians,

Letter can have a lot of meaning to them, even on their own.

I am a fan of symbolism, and there something very nice with representing a character as simple as a single letter. The craftsmanship in this video is commendable, especially those small little touches that can be interpreted as you want. There is some subtle syncing here as well, see if you can spot it.It is clear that a lot of work was put into this, and rightfully so it pays out nicely in the result.

An up-beat return and great feel, I could not ask for much more to liven up a Monday evening, knowing greatness is ahead.

I approve This.

[Added Info]:  The letter H could at first have been a symbol supposed to look like a fence, or a ladder. (Even though Ladder is not far from letter, out of the two you are safer climbing the ladder than the H. Since H will only get you so far.)
[Added Advice]: Do not mistake Letters for Letters.

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 (It is fun to be back writing for you all again. )

What I didn’t learn today by BronyKen


Hey guys. Hey. What’s up? So, hey. You remember this one time, where this one guy made this video, where a very aggressive disembodied voice summarizes every episode from Season 1 and 2 in about two seconds? It was slickly animated, fun to watch, and extremely quotable. Well anyway, somewhere around a year later, another member of our community took up the mantle and decided to give the same treatment to Season 3 and 4. Now, there is the very minor downside that it doesn’t maintain the same animation style, but the editor does a great job of mirroring the true spirit of the original video, which you don’t often see from many parodies on the Internet. Keep in mind that since this is a parody that follows the source material quite religiously, there may be (based on your own personal definitions) some slightly harsh language contained within. But hey, we’re all big boys and girls here, right? Check out the video, and catch yourself up on all the stuff you may have missed from the last two years! Enjoy it!

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PMVToday’s TV Show Theme Challenge Results!

PMVToday TV Challenge

Hello folks, and welcome to the official results for PMVToday’s TV Show Theme Challenge! Over the course of two weeks, (May 9th – May 23rd.) many of you sent in entries that Ponified a wide range of TV Show Themes! Below you’ll find the results!

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Tweeny Ponies by The Ferbguy

Salutations everybody! Dae314 here to spread chaos and happiness throughout your blessedly long weekend. Of course the best way to do that is with a wonderful little PMV! If Miyazaki were writing the opening sequence for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, this would be it folks. Maybe a few more zoom over the shoulder, out of an eye, or camera following a running pony scenes would be added, but in general this would probably be it. The Ferbguy has made a video that is at once a snapshot and an overview. Nothing is revealed in the video, but nothing is meant to be revealed by the video. There’s action, friendship, tension, Discord, and pretty much every other defining aspect of MLP:FiM rolled up into one little one and a half minute video. He does not have a muffin discord though. Nope. That belongs to PMVToday. But he has everything else!
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