Look Back by AgrolChannel

twi doing the monkey

You know, I’ve always liked those cake topper-style pony figures, with the pointy legs and the candy eyes from the S2 Finale; they looked delicious. And they always seem to pop up in fan animations just like this one. I guess people really like using them (or they must be easy to work with. I don’t know, I’m not an animator.) Anyway, as we’re once again in a break between seasons, we have an influx of retrospectives to check out in our downtime. What’s really special about this one is that it is quite literally a walk down Memory Lane, with a little piece of iconic imagery representing every episode in the entire series. The music is calming but still a little peppy, and I had a lot of fun picking out every episode as they went by. Lot of good memories attached to those episodes, not gonna lie. And I also thought it was really clever how Twilight, as she’s walking through Season 4, picks up some little items from the ground which, we as the viewers are now duly familiar with. It’s a nice touch. This is a very fun little video that I hope you will all enjoy through the ongoing break, to help you relive your good memories of the show, as we continue on the way to Season 5!

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Beat It by AnimatedJames

D: Thanks for tuning into 103.5 FM, PMVToday, the internet’s best source of PMVs and commentary. The current time is 7:00PM Eastern Standard Time, and the mood is Rock! I’m Dae314 here with rainbowdashzx, and we’ll be your hosts tonight.

r: Say Dae, speaking of rock… I believe we’ve got something special queued up that fits that category perfectly.

D: You’re absolutely right, rainbow! Opening tonight up we have a custom animated PMV by AnimatedJames. I think the viewers will be so amazed when they see it that they’ll just eat it!

r: Agreed! This is quite the animation we have here. They will be simply thrilled when they see it!

D: James does a great job showing us that he’s really not scared to bend some of the rules and gives us a really funky strong fight.

r: Talk’s value is determined by the content it sells, and these words are rich! Without further adieu, here’s Beat It by AnimatedJames!
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Music To My Ears by Rodrigo808

Music To My Ears

Hello folks!


This fine Friday evening I bring you not a PMV, but another real life MLP video by Rodrigo808! He was the one who did the neat video involving the sunglasses sometime ago, and is back with a real life version of the Vinyl Scratch short by Hasbro Studios. It’s a very entertaining video, and he did a great job with it! Check it out below!

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I’m Not Addicted by SpectraPony


Happy Thursday guys!

Tonight we bring you an incredibly well done PMV done by the elusive SpectraPony. Its always nice to see PMVs done to songs from within the Fandom. This PMV was done to I’m Not Addicted by Aoshi, Biscayne & Versal. The PMV focuses on Applejack, Twilight and Pinkie Pie during the rapping section of the song. I really like how SpectraPony decided to use different texts and filter for each of the characters. There isn’t really I have to say about this PMV. It is nice, simple and straight to the point, and thats all that this song requires.

I hope you take a second to enjoy this PMV, and if you have more than a second. Drop by SpectraPonies Channel!

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Devils In My Head by King Hatchet



Get ready for some serious rock and roll, kids, because this PMV is blistering! Yeowch! The chugging Motorhead track behind this video is extremely energetic and fun, especially if you like this particular style of grungy rock, and the editing holds up strongly. The scene choices are extremely literal, so don’t expect much of a story here, but all of the footage is well-selected and engaging, with plenty of movement and fun moments. I would call this a simple PMV, even though there are some effects present. The basic effects that are used complement the footage and music very well, with some well-timed (albeit a bit too chaotic and abrasive, perhaps) flashing colors.

Check it out below!

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Unity by RainbowSlashLP

Shinedown is also my jam.

Howdy again ladies and gents, and let me tell ya, you’re in for a real treat today!  This awesome PMV is about Twilight and her friends (as is the usual for a Mane6 PMV but just stick with me) and it’s done incredibly well.  Now if you stop watching within the first fifteen seconds then you won’t get to see much, but it gets fantastic later on.  I usually complain about the plotlessness of videos like these, but I like this anyway.

The one mistake made here is that color correction needed in the beginning.  Oh dear.  But as we move through the vid, we start to see some crazy good effects and some fantastic scene selection!  The effects make a great and proper use of the fullscreen flashing and the clips chosen match the busyness of the song with the busyness of the visuals; a great example of the scenes are in the second verse, quiet, not too excited, and not too much action on the screen.

The artist only has like, 2 subscribers though, and I’m one of ’em, so go check out the dude’s first video below!

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Pony In Fire by TheNinjaTanuki


Yes, PMV Today viewers, this is all happening in a kids’ show.

This great video features a song from the soundtrack to Dissidia, one of my favorite PSP games, and the driving rock melody and haunting lyrics fit really well with the theme of this project: Chaos. Equestria, like the game’s own world, has a serious chaos problem. But thankfully Equestria’s chaos god is a little more whimsical, and a little less ‘destroy all light in the world and reduce everything to nothingness.’ Another great use of all the great villain scenes/epic boss battles, which I’ve noticed have become a recurring theme as of late. I think the show staff is really trying to show us how not-girly the show is becoming. Well, until the song at the end of the season finale about rainbows. Anyway, this video is awesome and you all should give it a look right now.

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Waiting Lessons by ObbsessiveBookworm .

The Overlook

Image edited by Dae314
Hello everyone! Dae314 here this weekend with a normal post for once. That’s right I’m not going to address you as cupcakes or role play as Zordon/Sherlock this time. Nope. Just straight writing. You and me. And today we’re talking about a video that’s near and dear to everyone’s hearts, “Waiting Lessons” by ObbsessiveBookworm . (note the space and . after the name he/she is obbsessive after all). Everypony waiting for season 5 raise your left hoof. Everypony not waiting for season 5 stop reading this post and watch seasons 1-4. Waiting Lessons are lessons we all need right now, and Obbsessive drives that lesson into us with large raindrops, melancholy music, and slick editing. Getting the obvious out of the way, I don’t know about you but I absolutely loved the scenes where rain was used. It fit well and wasn’t too obnoxious. The rain went away when it should have gone away and it came back when it should have come back. Scene selection throughout the video was decent although the flashing border in the middle was a little lazy in my opinion. The border colors tended to match the scenes but something with a little more impact would have been welcome. I’m not so sure the waiting lesson was conveyed very well because at the end of the video I was aching for some new episodes. Perhaps a revisit to some of the awesome old episodes Obbsessive drew from would satisfy the beast at least for a little while. So please enjoy the video then go back to waiting impatiently like you were before you watched the video.
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Everybody Wants To Rule The World by SpyroTheDragon1267


rainbowdashzx here again to bring you an interesting video from SpyroTheDragon1267! Using Lorde’s cover of “Everybody Wants to Rule The World,” he successfully crafted a simple, yet entertaining PMV centered around Discord. While not the most complex video, nor the fanciest, it’s still an entertaining bit you should check out below!

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Lightbringer by rainbowdashzx

Happy Thursday guys!

Is it me, or do the PMVs just keep getting better??

Tonight we bring you an amazing PMV done by the one and only rainbowdashzx. While this may be a shorter PMV compared to some others, there is no doubt that is just as awesome (if not more). So much in this PMV just…worked. The slight tints and other effects give it that dark eerie feeling. The simple transitions that just seem to flow without effort. I have seen countless editors try to work with this genre of music, and it never really comes out looking very nice. However rainbowdashzx managed to find that magical element to make it work. There is a lot in this PMV that rainbowdashzx did right, can’t wait for the next video!

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