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Fellow mondaynians,

Oh it starts off with the theme song, well that is sure works for lulling me into a sense of securi-.

Oh dear Discords left horn what is this!

Ooo-kay… Lets just see where this goes. It screams of Sugar? Is this supposed to represent a sugar rush in Equestria? because It is doing a good job of it.

And then back to the theme song.

Well that sure was something.

Not a bad something either. It did a constant flow of… chaos. Like if discord suddenly got to direct the opening. actually scratch that, this smells of a collaboration of chaos. Pinkie got too much sugar for her to handle. (The question is if I derailed here, ok stayed on track.)

It is an experience. Its style is crazy a lot of strange effects and styles, which fits a lot.

With an opening like this, Who knows what could be ahead in the week? I don’t know but this got me excited to find out.

I approve This.

[Added Info]:  The band who made this song (“Made Out of Babies”) disbanded in 2012, having been a band for about 6 years.

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‪PMV - Sugar‬ by ‪Terriccota Pie‬, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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