Pony In Fire by TheNinjaTanuki


Yes, PMV Today viewers, this is all happening in a kids’ show.

This great video features a song from the soundtrack to Dissidia, one of my favorite PSP games, and the driving rock melody and haunting lyrics fit really well with the theme of this project: Chaos. Equestria, like the game’s own world, has a serious chaos problem. But thankfully Equestria’s chaos god is a little more whimsical, and a little less ‘destroy all light in the world and reduce everything to nothingness.’ Another great use of all the great villain scenes/epic boss battles, which I’ve noticed have become a recurring theme as of late. I think the show staff is really trying to show us how not-girly the show is becoming. Well, until the song at the end of the season finale about rainbows. Anyway, this video is awesome and you all should give it a look right now.

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