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Hello everyone! Dae314 here this weekend with a normal post for once. That’s right I’m not going to address you as cupcakes or role play as Zordon/Sherlock this time. Nope. Just straight writing. You and me. And today we’re talking about a video that’s near and dear to everyone’s hearts, “Waiting Lessons” by ObbsessiveBookworm . (note the space and . after the name he/she is obbsessive after all). Everypony waiting for season 5 raise your left hoof. Everypony not waiting for season 5 stop reading this post and watch seasons 1-4. Waiting Lessons are lessons we all need right now, and Obbsessive drives that lesson into us with large raindrops, melancholy music, and slick editing. Getting the obvious out of the way, I don’t know about you but I absolutely loved the scenes where rain was used. It fit well and wasn’t too obnoxious. The rain went away when it should have gone away and it came back when it should have come back. Scene selection throughout the video was decent although the flashing border in the middle was a little lazy in my opinion. The border colors tended to match the scenes but something with a little more impact would have been welcome. I’m not so sure the waiting lesson was conveyed very well because at the end of the video I was aching for some new episodes. Perhaps a revisit to some of the awesome old episodes Obbsessive drew from would satisfy the beast at least for a little while. So please enjoy the video then go back to waiting impatiently like you were before you watched the video.
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Waiting Lessons by ObbsessiveBookworm ., 4.4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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