Twily’s New School by ABitSillyPony

Happy Thursday night guys!

Anyone else remember this show? If not, all you need to know is that it was incredible.

ABitSillyPony has done an absolutely incredible job of “ponifying” this TV intro. What I tend to so when people take on projects like this, is the effects and scenes are from mop and more fit what they are saying in the lyrics, instead of what was in the actual intro video. I really loved this PMV because all the scenes were actually based off those from the show. Instead of just finding scenes that kinda fit. ABitSillyPony made the scenes using some very good custom animation. I really have nothing else to say, I really liked it.

If you are looking for more, or just something to do. Drop by the authors channel and show some love. Channel

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Standing in the Hall of Fame by FluffyElectricSheep

I’ve heard this song before, and I didn’t like it.  Still don’t.

And you know that it’s an awesome PMV when you get chills down your back from how good it is despite musical preferences.  So why is it so good and well matching?  Well for starters we have an almost perfect matching of literal vocals.  Characters are assigned pretty well, with my one confusion being Luna as a preacher(?).  It also just so happens that some of the lyrics reiterate messages that are shown off in some of the episodes, and FES certainly takes advantage of that fact.  It just makes the video as a whole seem complete and meaningful in multiple ways.

Of course we have to go into the technical side a bit now.  While not completely HD, we certainly do have some high quality transitions and creative flares going into this vid.  Full screen black-out flashes are well done in this one, and I might say that the vectors could have been a bit better in their implication at the end there, but I’ll let it slide.  Everything else was pretty much beautifully paired with the music through the use of a simpler PMV style that matched the complexity of the song.  Great job FES, and to everybody else: check it out below!

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A Million Ways to Die in Appaloosa by DagaYemar


Tonight’s PMV is another adaptation of a movie theme from a very proficient editor by the name of “DagaYemar,” who has gained notoriety throughout our fandom for creating pony videos from the scores of countless classic films. Sort of a…”Movie Brony,” if you will.

Anyway, for this modern classic, the role of lead singer is performed by the Apples’ favorite cousin, Braeburn (and before you ask, that IS an apple in my pocket), aptly fitting the western motif of the theme song. The use of contrast is phenomenal in this video; Braeburn’s massive smile while singing about the many ways the Wild West can kill you is quite hilarious, thanks to (or perhaps in spite of) the limited screen time that Braeburn actually got. But overall, it’s a very charming video that uses a fan-favorite character to tell the story, so I have a hard time believing people would object.

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Wake Up Littlepip by PatrioticMoose

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.23.15 PM

Right off the bat, I have to go ahead and admit, somewhat shamefully, that I have never watched any of the Fallout Equestria material.  After seeing this PMV, however, I can definitely say that I want to! This video is definitely epic, a word that is typically used too loosely, but here fits. The music is perfect for the stunning visuals of the SFM scenes. The editing together of the various source of Fallout Equestria footage is well done, but I did find it somewhat jarring to switch from SFM footage to a standard MLP style and back. I can jive with SFM when it’s on its own, but I’m not sure I care for it being married to the normal flash animation.

Small gripes aside, this is a cool and dramatic video with some great music and visuals, so check it out below!

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The Parting by Jaref


Ugh, I am just starving from the lack of PMVs we’ve got going on here, aren’t y’all?

Lucky for you, we’ve got something totally awesome from our pal Jaref here today.  I mean come on, how often do we get an amazing Celestia/Luna like this?  The hard part about doing one of those is that your scene selection is severely limited and your plot line is going to be the same thing.  Well, our editor manages to overcome the lack of content obstacle while also putting more of an edge to the same old story of “Princess X banishes Princess Y.”  That’s not to say it’s not a good story, though.

Yep, those scenes really take you off guard considering all the (lack of) Celestia/Luna spotlight that we get in the show.  Even if it were focused around any other pony though, I’d say that these visuals are quite accurately matched with the tunes.  Jaref shows a lot of restraint and professionalism, especially around 1:07 where it would be so easy to just show the window bust, but the song doesn’t quite climax there, so we can’t do that.  Very good scene choice in this one, so check it out below and tell us what ya think!

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I Wanna Get Better by Eldonde

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem!
PPC: Hey Puppet Pal Mitch.

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, what is my favorite type of youtube video?
PPC: Is it a cat video?
PPM: No, it’s a pony *BONK* video.
PPC: Puppet Pal Mitch, what is a pony bonk video?
PPM: Well Puppet Pal Clem, it’s a video where ponies *BONK* each other on the head. Like the one right down there!

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, what’s the only thing better than a pony bonk video?
PPC: A bonk on the head?
PPM: No! *BONK* a pony *BONK* video made by Eldonde

PPM: Hey Puppet Pal Clem, do you know what’s better than that video down there?
PPC: No Puppet Pal Mitch, what is better than that video down there?
PPM: A *BONK* on the head.

If this post confused you, click here and take a time machine back to before the internet.
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Epiphany by ObsessiveBookworm


Strap yourselves in, folks! We’ve got a wild ride of a PMV coming from ObsessiveBookworm! It’s quite the show, I tell you what. Cohesive, interesting, varying clips and effects throughout a TEN MINUTE PMV! That’s a feat I’m not sure many could pull off, and yet, here we are! Amazing, to say the LEAST! Watch it below. You won’t regret it!

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The Blob Symphony by OhPonyBoy

Happy Thursday guys!!

So I am gonna come out and say. I actually have no idea what is happening in this video. You have everyone from the name 6 to Sombra expressed as these teeny tiny little blobs. Everyone is making a sound, and all the sounds are coming together to make this super catchy fun song. There is really nothing else I can say about this, I recommend  you just watch it.

Also, if after the video you find yourself looking for something to do. Drop by OhPonyBoy’s and check out all the other awesome video’s! Channel

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This Is It by SuperEffectiveBros


Greetings, Wednesdaylians. For your viewing pleasure today,  I’d like to bring a scrumptious morsel to your plates. The actual length of this video (minus credits) clocks in at only about 50 seconds, but boy, does every second count. This video is absolutely dripping with juicy effects, transitions, typography, you name it. I can’t even begin to describe to you how many cool things are squished into this minute-long adventure, but suffice it to say: there are a lot of cool things (including Rainbow Dash, who is indeed a cool thing).

Some people complain about how short dubstep PMVs only riff off of cutie mark vectors and do little else, but I think that this one used plenty of footage and mixed it up nicely with some of that custom cutie mark stuff. I think the author struck a perfect chord between the two, and I wish more of these minute-long dubstep PMVs would take notes and follow suit.

Check it out below!

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