Cycle of Love by M1guel1980

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Break out the spile and bucket, because things are about to get sappy.

Ugh. That was a bad joke. Anyway, let’s move on. This custom animation is a real treat. Clocking in at over five minutes, there is plenty to love here. The song is romantic and feelsy, and the footage has a smooth, slightly surreal style that fits well. I was having a little bit of trouble following the plot of it, however, although I guess it couldn’t be too complicated, really. I felt bad for the cyan/blonde pony, though, I do know that.

It may not be the best animation I have ever seen, but I can tell that a lot of work and love was put into this, and I really loved some of the visuals that have been created here. It’s emotional, romantic, and entertaining. What more could you ask for?

Check it out below!

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Cycle of Love by M1guel1980, 3.9 out of 5 based on 11 ratings

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