Best Friends Theme Song by Arthychaud

Hello friend. My name is Fred. The words you read come from my head. I say I said my name is Fred. And I’ve been… very naughty. The video I’m about to show, one I thought you ought to know, is by editor Arthychaud, and how he’s been… naughty. Voila the video is here with precious clips and captions clear. My heart beat fast as the end grew near. I felt so nice… and naughty. I thought of how excited they, the ponies as they laughed and played, must be to be shown today. They’d shout “huzzah hulay”! Dear friend you look so… naughty. And suddenly my eyes beheld a Pinkie Pie, like pie she smelled. P-I-N-K-I-E is what she spelled, and that’s how I spell… naughty… What you see above, what you see below, betwixt they my craft bestowed the one called Pinkie Pie with a face that was very… naughty.

To my friends,
from Fred
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‪Freddie Mercury ft. Pinkie Pie – Living On My Own [PMV]‬ by Dr_Stables




[Slight Strobe Warning]

Fellow mondaynians,

Bronycon was nice. Met a lot of nice ponies. enough of that lets get to the video.

Pinkie pie is very frail. She will stand up for her friends but she cannot stand up for herself, which can cause her to be very depressed if she does not have anypony to rely on.
This video touches upon this, and shows pinkie in situations when she is venerable. yet that She can overome and if she remains positive it will be alright, and pinke is very good at being positive.  so this videos does not have such a depressing end tone as other videos might have.
From an effects standpoints the PMV utilizes a lot of transitions, making it slightly disorienting, yet keeping the songs flow to a show a pleasing result. The beginning is particularly emotional, and synced nicely, adding in sadder scenes between the more energetic.

I say here we have a relatable monday downer turing into a hopeful look out towards the future, So lets enjoy and start this new week right Mondaynians!

I approve This.

[Added Info]:  Freddie Mercury’s favorite coulors might have been Imperial red.

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Sight Unseen by Unr3al Gamer/PMV’s and SpectraPony

Welcome to the weekend everyone! I’m Dae314 and today I have a special double feature for you. The divine powers of BlackGrypn0n’s and Baasik’s have bestowed upon us a song so good it’s likely to make rainbows randomly appear in the sky. Two notable editors, Unr3al Gamer/PMV’s and SpectraPony, took up the challenge of PMVing this song. Both of them did the song justice using similar scenes and theme choices. Their videos are shown below in no particular order. Indeed, it is hard to say which video was more pleasing to watch. After finishing these videos you’ll probably want to spend the rest of your weekend spreading peace and joy to those around you so I won’t stand in your way anymore. Enjoy.

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Rainbow Dash – Adrenaline by RainbowSlashLP

Happy Thursday guys!

I will come out and say that Rainbow Dash isn’t my favourite pony, she isn’t really even on my list. But I have to admit that this PMV was very well done. All the clips that RainbowSlashLP used fit very well to the music, and I was very happy to see some effects used. While these effects weren’t anything crazy, they really did all that they had to do. There were a couple scenes where RainbowSlashLP attempted to put Rainbow singing the lyrics, and they came out looking very good. I really only have positive comments about this PMV.

If you liked this and are looking for more, drop by the creators channel

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Hooked on a Feeling by Unr3al Gamer

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.29.56 AM

Today’s PMV is a lot of fun, from beginning to end. The silly-but-catchy chanting that starts it off really sets the tone for the fun times and good feels to come. I would call this a simple PMV, although there are some tastefully-used filters and a few light effects and transitions at play. While the lip-sync could have been better, the scene choices matched up really well with the feeling of each and every moment of the song. I found myself smiling a lot while watching this one, and that’s always a good sign for a successful PMV, in my book. I’m definitely hooked on the feeling that this video creates.

Check it out below!

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NIGHT WITCHES by Pierre S. Kelijä

Why are there so many awesome Russian PMVs?  Is it because of the awesome Russian music?

Well, whatever it is, we’ve got another one for you tonight.  This thing’s effects are pretty amazing in how well they’ve been layered and applied.  There was a really nice damaged filter for the verses of the song and it got switched up while in the bridge.  There were also really nice tidbits of effects thrown in here and there, but one of the main things our editor uses is typography.  I’d have to say that this is one of the best typographical stylings I’ve seen in quite a while; the powerful appearance of the text perfectly matches the tension and excitement in the song.

My only qualms are just simple disagreements on a matter of opinion.  When I saw such a small and dimmed setup for the video, I thought that this style fit more to a creepy video than a powerful one.  However, I do recognize it for its artistic merit (the song is NIGHT WITCHES after all), and I think that some of you will enjoy it more than me.  And I still rather fancied this vid.

Slight seizure warning.  WATCH NOW!

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Ponyville Falls Episode 1 by Daga Yemar

Hello everyone, Dae314 here to brighten up your Saturday evening once again using the awesome power of LED ligh– I mean recut pony videos! Tonight is a bit of a departure from the normal musical numbers. I’m not going to lie; I have neither seen nor heard of the show that is used for the audio track in this video before today. I don’t think I will be watching the show either. I’d be better off just listening to the audio of it and substituting fitting pony visuals like Daga Yemar has done for us. It makes the dialog that much more entertaining to listen to and wonder just what must have been going on in the actual show to generate those comments and sounds. Anyway, not much more I can say that you can’t see! Just be prepared, this is a recut of the entire first episode so it’s almost 30 minutes long (includes commercials)!

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