Follow You by Alexander Clyde

Lets see… Alexander Clyde. Says here you’re with us today for multiple accounts of using random clips in a PMV in front of more than 1851 eye witnesses, choosing rad techno music for music videos, and one account of stalking which, when the questioned about the incident, you insist was just “following”. Young man, these allegations are very serious–I hope you understand that. Your videos are addicting and addiction reduces the productivity of the people. The internet doesn’t maintain itself you know and any distraction needs to be dealt with swiftly and with extreme prejudice. To that end, in reparation for your mischief you are hereby sentenced to publicly display your video, “Follow You” on PMVToday in order to give people easy access to your content. Since we cannot break people’s addiction to your PMV, we can only minimize its impact by making it easily accessible so people’s time is not spent searching for it. We hope you keep what has been said here in mind the next time you try to make a PMV.
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Follow You by Alexander Clyde, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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