PMVToday’s NEW Equestria Girls Contest RESULTS!



Welcome one and all to the official PMVToday Equestria Girls Contest results!  I know you’ve all completely forgotten this been waiting impatiently to see all of the superb entries we had and find out what the mystery prizes are.  Well today’s your lucky day.  First up, the prizes!  I hope our winners like games because the prizes for this contest are PC game packs donated generously by IdhrenLives!

First place will receive:

Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins DLC

Dead Space

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Second place will receive:

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box


Mirror’s Edge

Third place will receive:

Batman: Arkham City GOTY

ARMA: Gold Edition

Winners will receive instructions on how to claim their prizes by email some time in the next 48 hours.

Now on to the winners!  Lights!  Camera!  Drum roll!

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The prizes for this contest are provided as is without warranties.  The authors, editors, and owners of PMVToday do not endorse, represent, or warrant any of the prizes awarded to eligible winners.  Prizes that are awarded to the eligible winners are not transferable, redeemable for cash, or exchangeable for any other prize.

Spike is a Creep by Terriccota Pie

I started out disappointed in this one, because it’s a Spike PMV.

Then I was further let down after realizing that the song used was not the Radiohead version.

And you know that this video is awesome when I liked it despite those two flaws.

The effects are impeccably placed considering the style of the song.  All of the fade-to-black-s are different yet they serve a similar purpose.  Soft discoloring and those very gentle screen distortions really compliment the song’s smooth and jazzy style, which is something that is always nice to see.  The ending is a bit abrupt, but other than that, things flow smoothly thanks to the transitions.  I also liked the creative intro, and the fact that this whole work sticks to a definite message: Spike is a creep.

If you have to, mute the vid and start playing Radiohead in a new tab at the same time. ;)  Either way, watch this thing! It’s great!

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Never Ending Story by DagaYemar

Happy weekend everyone! Dae314 here to point out to you that the ponies up there are in fact looking at you wondering why, in your inadequacy, you haven’t yet seen this video by Red Card DagaYemar. At least most of them are. Pinkie Pie over on the left is thinking something along the lines of, “hah fool.” But take heart, I am here to resolve all of your awkward lapses in knowledge. Below you will find the answer that you seek for the question you never knew you had. DagaYemar’s video is. It just is. There is quite literally nothing good or bad I can comment on (Red Card would be proud). It is the neutral PMV by which all other PMVs may be objectively judged. It is the proverbial yard stick. It is… well just watch it and see for yourself. Also, no, the ponies above will not stop staring at you like you’re somehow inadequate after you’ve watched the video. You’ll just have to live with that forever. I’m sorry.
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Pompeii by Red Card

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.15.28 PM

There are no less than about ten different PMVs for this song, which isn’t surprising, given the song’s popularity, but this one certainly stands out above most, if not all of the rest. The editing is simple and clean, but very tight, with a wonderful grasp of rhythm, flow, and scene selection. I have a soft spot for PMVs like that, and this one really nailed the formula. The song, while a bit overplayed perhaps, is a great listen, of course, and really infuses the footage with a wonderful sense of energy and general feel-goodery.

Check it out below! (P.S. 1:38 in the video is really where the magic happens. I got chills.)

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Applause by Athil Darkfarm

So last week I learned that we could do gifs in the header image…

There will be no mercy! *laughs maniacally*

Anyway, we’ve got a surprisingly good pop PMV for y’all tonight, and that is very strange coming from someone like me who absolutely despises 99.9% of pop music.  Well, it’s a rock cover of a pop song, so I guess it’s acceptable.  Transitions and effects are pretty fitting to a pop song, but they work pretty well in here also.  Decent work on the shiny stuff!

The video focuses on how every one of the mane six in the show lives for the applause of their peers and public (except best pony up there^^).  I actually never thought about that lesson until I saw this, so it’s absolutely fantastic as far as story/theme goes.  Sure it’s a pretty simple observation, but one never realizes just how egocentric some of these horses can be until we highlight all of their moments in the spotlight.  Even AJ, who would seem like the opposite of narcissistic, tries to gain trust and approval from her friends through hard work and obligations to them.  That’s some deep stuff bro.


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‪PMV – Say Something‬ by Rainbowdashzx



Fellow Mondaynians,

Someone asked me why I always say ‘Mondaynians’ at the start of my post, when it is very possible that people read this at other days of the week.

I won’t lie to you…

*Brief silence*

This, Mondays, PMV moves about at a gentle pace. Where the imagery is strong and speaking when it needs to be, yet absent when unnecessary. This gives some room to breathe and contemplate on the song. Its not a style which fits all PMV’s, but certainly makes it stand here.

What follows along the entire video is the use of the same effect for the text all throughout, which certainly is a fairly impressive effect to use for longterm like this, not harsh so that it breaks the visual flow.

Certainly a calming way to begin this new week, one to look forward to.

I approve This.

[Added Info]:  This song was originally sung only by Ian Axel, but later singer Christina Aguilera appeared in another version of the song, after she requested to work with the band on this song.

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Cake to Bake by Surykot


Tonight’s video is a special (and very sweet) slice of PMV cake from a first-time baker, so before I get into my complete analysis, I’d love to recommend you subscribe to this brand new channel, and provide a little encouragement. Why I remember when I was just starting out; every new sub I got brought a smile to my face and brightened my day, and I couldn’t wait to get started on my next project. So I’d like to pass that joy on to someone else.

Anyway, tonight’s video features a song from one of my more current obsessions, Eurovision. For those who don’t know, it’s this annual song contest for Europe, and it’s a pretty big deal. (Check it out here to find out more.) The song itself is one of my personal favorites, being one of the most feel-goody tunes of the year, and I’m very glad someone made a PMV of it. And who better to feature in this video, other than Pinkie? After all, she only does two things: “Bake”, and “Do things normally perceived as impossible.” So, give the Pink Pony of Pep and Positiveness the Possibility to Put a Smile (I couldn’t think of a P-word for that one.) on your Face (darnit, I lost the good stuff.), and enjoy this video. Oh, and don’t forget what I said about subscribing!

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