Never Ending Story by DagaYemar

Happy weekend everyone! Dae314 here to point out to you that the ponies up there are in fact looking at you wondering why, in your inadequacy, you haven’t yet seen this video by Red Card DagaYemar. At least most of them are. Pinkie Pie over on the left is thinking something along the lines of, “hah fool.” But take heart, I am here to resolve all of your awkward lapses in knowledge. Below you will find the answer that you seek for the question you never knew you had. DagaYemar’s video is. It just is. There is quite literally nothing good or bad I can comment on (Red Card would be proud). It is the neutral PMV by which all other PMVs may be objectively judged. It is the proverbial yard stick. It is… well just watch it and see for yourself. Also, no, the ponies above will not stop staring at you like you’re somehow inadequate after you’ve watched the video. You’ll just have to live with that forever. I’m sorry.
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Never Ending Story by DagaYemar, 4.7 out of 5 based on 7 ratings


Red Card

I’m sure I would be proud

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