Good Time by Buri Kim (Team Buri)

Hello loyal PMVToday fans! After all the excitement last week it’s good to have a weekend to just kick it and relax watching a normal PMV isn’t it? Except what I have here isn’t just your normal PMV and some of you won’t be kicking it. “But Dae314,” you whine, “you said we could kick it and relax!” Well that’s true for some of you because you’re about to have a really good time whether you like it or not, whether you have a good time by kicking it or not, and nothing you say will change it. Nope. No buts. You read this far already you might as well go watch the PMV and have a good time. And trust me you will have a great time watching this PMV. For one thing it’s a collaboration between Buri Kim (Team Buri), SuperEffectiveBros, F.Bat (I’m really sorry but I can’t find your channel), and Siemensohm (I’m really sorry but I can’t find your channel either). For another thing, there’s lots of charming hand drawn animation to admire. It’s certainly not professionally animated, but I’ve always had a soft spot for hand drawn art when it’s used well. Here’s to a great weekend everybody!
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Good Time by Buri Kim (Team Buri), 4.6 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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