My Little Pony 4th Anniversary PMVs by SciFiBrony and VictiniStar101


Dae314 here reminding you just in case you forgot (I know you didn’t forget) that yesterday was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s 4th anniversary. Four years… that’s a really long time. Those of you who have followed MLP:FiM since the beginning will probably have graduated elementary school, high school, or college by now. Some of you may have even gotten a new job or been promoted since the series began. You’ve virtually grown up alongside Twilight and the others. Life has changed so much for you yet still here you are between seasons reading posts on PMVToday. It’s a kind of comforting thought. Despite every whirlpool and wave you’ve encountered, you still love this wonderful little cartoon about the magic of friendship. For those of you newer to the fandom, you got to experience the same journey at light speed. Absorbing episode after episode, season after season one after another. Four years worth of content compressed into the weeks, months, or years it took you to finish the episodes. You have a share in this too since without you new fans, our community would not be the vibrant awesome community that it is. Let these videos by SciFiBrony and VictiniStar101 serve as a small thank you to all of you, lifers and fillies alike, for four years full of friendship and magic.

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My Little Pony 4th Anniversary PMVs by SciFiBrony and VictiniStar101, 5.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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