The Phoenix by rainbowdashzx

Atten-TION! MAGGOTS! Why are you still sitting there staring at your screens? Do you think this is just any post? DO YOU? Well you’re wrong MAGGOT! This here is grade A quality hand crafted AWESOMESAUCE. I personally guarantee that you have not had any such thing in your life. ANY SUCH THING! Are you listening to me? Watching this video will mentally prepare you for the horrors you are about to face in the coming months until Season 5 is released. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED to combat the enemies you will face: hunger for pony magic, thirst for friendship and acceptance, and loss of allies and friends. You must weather the winds of uncertainty, the waters of false rumors, and shield yourself from the frequent troll raids. This video will MAKE YOU PREPARED. Each buttery transition will remind you that change is coming, each softly textured scene will give you shelter for the storm, and every word in the song will steel your soul for the troubles to come. Keep it in your favorites list and refer to it often. Be prepared, the road is long but you must make it… for all our sakes.
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The Phoenix by rainbowdashzx, 3.8 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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