Wonderful World by MyNamesNotKim


Today’s PMV is showcases one of the most important parts of our generation’s MLP: the bad guys. As with all TV shows, Friendship is Magic thrives on conflict. If you don’t have some evil magical superbeing constantly throwing your daily life out of whack, what do you have? You have G3, but that’s another story.

Speaking of villains and other generations, we’ve seen Tirek in the latest season; I wonder if at some point, we might see Scorpan show up as well, as an ally to help in some dire situation. Just a thought I had.

So anyway, this song is pretty strange, too. I’d never heard this version of ‘Wonderful World’ before, but it’s quite chilling and fitting for the dark theme of this video. There’s plenty of musical stings, like bass notes and drum strikes, that are perfect for laying over shots of evil eyes and explosive action shots. It’s overall a really cool video that we’re glad to share with you today.

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