Shake Your Tail by ★Breezy Blue★

Hope you guys are having a nice start to the awesome year of 2015!!! We’ve got plenty of ponies to compliment your new year party, and they’re dancing to the beat of a catchy song from EQG2.

In this vid by Breezy Blue, there’s a lot of mood matching with the effects and scene choice.  Of course all of the scenes chosen are filled with bright colors and shiny exploding things, but they also highlight some of the best moments we’ve had with the Mane 6 as a sort of reminiscent party mix.  My favorite thing about the effects here is that they strike the perfect style for a MLP-themed party.  Those bubbly colored circles and floating hearts fit perfectly with the scenes shown.

So if your New Year’s party has been a bit flat, try increasing the fun with this video.  I betcha can’t get through it without wanting to dance along! :D

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My Wish by Somniis Scientia

It’s right before New Years, and to celebrate all of your aspirations for 2015, we’ve got a wonderful video about wishing the best to your peers and family.

I find this video interesting not only because it was made in iMovie and is actually pretty good, but also because it features a really nice typography section and a seldom seen style.  The style I’m referring to is a mix of still pictures and moving elements, and it’s actually really easy to mess that up.  There has to be a perfect balance of motion and stability in each scene, so I commend the editor for their work in balance.

One thing I didn’t appreciate as much was the camera work, but considering the programs that were available to the author, I really think it was the best they could’ve done in that area.  Great job overall, and it’s a real heart warmer for every one ready to start a new year!

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Apulanta ft. Rarity – Simple-minded (Yksinkertainen) [PMV] by Dr_Stables



Fellow Mondaynians,

here we are, the last stretch of the year. You are in fact the last Mondaynians of this year. Be proud.

To end of this time, we have Rarity to the finnish song ”Simpel minded”. It is not groundbreaking, but enjoyable non the less. The lighting effects are spot on for the mood and even a lot of the syncing is nice.

This ends off our year Mondaynias.

I approve this.

[Added Info]: The song ends like this: “I wanted peace
But war has been declared in this soul
A war that no one will ever win.”

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Your Adventure Log Has Vanished by Racecarghost



We have an RPG-themed PMV for you today! This one uses a very interesting and unique style which is a further testament that the PMV community is moving past the phase of using clips from the show and instead developing their own styles using vectors or even custom animation!

Racecarghost is always stepping up the quality of his PMVs each time he has released one, this one is no exception! It reminds me of those old Final Fantasy games I used to play, only this time with ponies. Check it out below.


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12 Pains of Hearthswarming by DagaYemar

A merry Christmas to all from everyone here at PMVToday! Whatever holiday you celebrate, we hope you have a safe and happy one!

To help us celebrate today we’ve got a hilarious offering from the master of scene selection and lip syncing, DagaYemar! I think we can all relate to at least some portion of this song, but the magic of the holidays is that no amount of pain will keep friends and family from coming together in the end.

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A Very Brony Hearth’s Warming by Viva IMMATOONLINK Reverie

The Charlie Brown Christmas Special has been around for a while (50 years to be exact) and yet it’s still one of my favorite Christmas movies. Here we have the entire thing ponified and featuring a mix of great Brony content creators as the stars.

The story is redone with a slightly different message, namely that Hearth’s Warming is a time for creative people to come together and combine their talents to make even greater works of pony content. All of the stars do a great job with the voice acting and the animation is adorable the whole way through.

Make sure to check out each of the creators that participated in this fun video, and don’t be afraid to try and join or start a collaboration yourself. Some of the best content out there is the result of artists/writers/musicians/editors/etc. all working together to make something awesome!

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Caneighdian Idiots by rspectcopyrightmyass



There’s nothing like a light-hearted PMV to cheer you up in the darkest of times and this one uses Weird Al’s parody of Green Day’s “American Idiots”. Hence, that partly influenced my decision to showcase one of my personal favorite Cheese Sandwich fan-art in the header above. Personally, I’ve always felt that Weird Al was a great guest to the show and I’m really hoping that he will make a comeback in future seasons.

If you’ve got a great sense of humor and you’re open to the fact that this PMV contains some Dan VS scenes, then check it out below!


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Sisters by ObbsesiveBookworm

Sisters. A very nice PMV by ObbsessiveBookworm. Happy and colorful, featuring the sisters from the show. This video has some great scenes both sad and happy moments of the sisters we know. No matter what happens, they will always be together. The song track for this is very fitting and beautiful and matches every clip in the editing of this. It’s really nice to see a PMV dedicated to the sisters, and this is one of them.

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