We Dreamt Our Dream by OhPonyBoy



We have an interesting video today, one that requires interpretation. This is an original animation of an original song by OhPonyBoy, who most of you probably know from his popular video, Princess Luna’s Whine.

Once again, the animation does not fail to impress and it gives the video an unnatural flair of being mysterious and the ponies being adorable. I’m not quite sure how to critique on the song itself, but the harmonizing was perfect. Here goes my attempt at trying to briefly analyse it..

It’s a song about moving on from the past and that it’s time to stop procrastinating and setting out to achieve your dreams, no matter how treacherous or torturous the road may be. (From the lyrics “It’s a long lonely mile, I have to cross tonight, I better go, before daylight”) It’s also about not giving up and never allowing obstructions to stand in your way.

Well, that’s roughly what my interpretation of the song was. You probably have a different idea of what the song truly means to you, so check out this original animation and song below!


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