Lana Del Dre by SnowT

The month of Hearts And Hooves starts early today folks!  While this isn’t exactly my OTP, how can you deny two adorable little ponies in love?

Regardless of your preferences and views on shipping, it’s time to take a look at an awesome PMV that might even change your mind about which ponies pair perfectly.  This video is all about the AppleDash and has a large amount of custom animation elements in it.  Now hold your horses, the custom stuff isn’t the highest quality we’ve seen, but we should all know that the work put into it is massive.  You might slightly cringe at first, but the cuteness of everything will enhance the animation as you keep watching!

On effects, this scores an A+.  There are a lot of different effects here, but somehow SnowT manages to make them all fit with each other.  We also get a really nice atmosphere due to the rewinding of scenes in the first half and some really involved transitions. My favorite is probably the zooming into an eye, followed by a bubble view.  That particular effect has been done a few times in PMVs, but this one takes the cake for my favorite instance of it.

Grab yourself some AppleDash and get ready for a major drama bomb at the end!

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Sunset Shimmer Shakes It Off by Dagayemar

Twilight Sparkle dropping sick moves to the grooves on her feet cuz the beat is too hot to trot tonight in the spotlight while the guy on the right is like “It’s aight”.

( /me spits hot fire verses )

DISREGARDING previous introductions, we’ve got a nice, simple PMV for everybody tonight that runs to the beat of some T. Swizzle.  If you’ve managed to evade the pop culture song for this long, I commend you, but it’s time to turn up the speakers and party like Mom and Dad are out of town.

This particular pony music video really brings out one of the most important concepts in the art form: beat matching.  Sometimes, this video does it super-duper well, yet it does seem to have some visual glitching that detracts from the experience every now and then.  I’m sure with a bit of fine tuning this would have been the perfect style and everything for this song.  Thematically, it fits really well with Sunset Shimmer’s story and I’m really glad we get to see that highlighted.

Go down below and catch everything from T. Sparkle to T. Swift!

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The Bad and the Ugly by James Vermont


Time for Discord. Have some fun with the master of chaos in this first PMV by James Vermont. So many first PMVs lately where the editors have really put thought and effort into them. Effects wise the video is pretty simple, there’s typography sections and some basic effects. Overall it’s a well done video that’s worth a watch.


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Scribble by ESB


Hello everypony! Today, I bring you a really neat PMV by ESB. Pretty dramatic and sad if you ask me. Everything rolls slowly and calmly with the song, added with some color filters and few typographies. I found myself singing to the song since I’ve listened to it before, though a diferent version (remix) and got some feels watching this. Overall, the video looks nice and beautiful. Go check it out!

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When Can I See You Again? by Letupita725HD



Hello again, avid viewers! Today, we have a PMV of Owl City’s hit single “When Can I See You Again”, which has been ponified several times over, but it never gets old!

This one uses a more simplistic approach towards a PMV and uses light filters, and a fair bit of typography as well. The transitions are smooth and the clips are shortened to blend in seamlessly with the upbeat music. Hopefully, this PMV will brighten up your day, as it did for me. Check it out below!


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MLP:FIM Hospital Ponies by AudioWave Dasher

AudioWave Dasher put together a super cute proto-commercial, featuring Sweetie Bell and Cheerilee singing back and forth with each other. His goal looks to be supporting children’s cancer research, which is something we can all agree is a great cause! If you are an animator or voice actor and you’d like to help with his commercial, be sure to check out this video for the details.

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Into The Labyrinth 「PMV」 by pixel3000nerd


Hey guys, it’s rapidbeta here. Sorry for not posting for such a long time. Today I bring you a fantastic PMV by none other than pixel300nerd. Not only does this one have great visuals but the song is just fantastic. Now this is not pixel300nerds normal style but it’s certainly a great PMV . The thing I personally LOVE about it is how smoothly it all works together, I like it when PMV artist step out of their comfort zone and try something new and exciting.


  • Great visuals
  • Great song choice
  • Great PMV artist
  • Smooth movement


  • I can’t really think of any to be honest

So be sure check out this little bit of amazing-ness

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This Is Not The End (Twilight & Spike) by Jiutti-Senpai


If you haven’t gotten your dose of feels, this right here will probably give it to you. This is a pretty tough video (and subject) to write about, so bear with me.

The bonds of Twilight and Spike are well established through canon. They are practically like mother and son, and yet also best friends. The idea of one outlasting the other has certainly been explored before, but usually from the perspective of the comparatively short lifespan of ponies vs. dragons. This might have been allayed by the assumed lifespan immortality of Twilight upon becoming a princess, but what if just lifespan wasn’t the issue. What if life was the issue. If one knew the other was soon to depart ahead of schedule. How would they handle it. Is knowing the end is near really the end, or just the beginning?

Both depressing and yet uplifting, this video is worth the emotional roller coaster. The editing style does a good job of complimenting the very somber yet positive outlook of the song. Personally I would have liked to have seen a cohesive story,  there was some legibility issues with the text color, and the pixel motion effect used near the end bugged me, but overall it’s still a well edited video that is worth a watch!

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