This Is Not The End (Twilight & Spike) by Jiutti-Senpai


If you haven’t gotten your dose of feels, this right here will probably give it to you. This is a pretty tough video (and subject) to write about, so bear with me.

The bonds of Twilight and Spike are well established through canon. They are practically like mother and son, and yet also best friends. The idea of one outlasting the other has certainly been explored before, but usually from the perspective of the comparatively short lifespan of ponies vs. dragons. This might have been allayed by the assumed lifespan immortality of Twilight upon becoming a princess, but what if just lifespan wasn’t the issue. What if life was the issue. If one knew the other was soon to depart ahead of schedule. How would they handle it. Is knowing the end is near really the end, or just the beginning?

Both depressing and yet uplifting, this video is worth the emotional roller coaster. The editing style does a good job of complimenting the very somber yet positive outlook of the song. Personally I would have liked to have seen a cohesive story,  there was some legibility issues with the text color, and the pixel motion effect used near the end bugged me, but overall it’s still a well edited video that is worth a watch!

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This Is Not The End (Twilight & Spike) by Jiutti-Senpai, 3.9 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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