Top Of The World PMV by Abby S

Hello all! New author Party_Grunt here. I’m not generally a name most people know, but if you’ve seen the ponified Bleach intro from 2011 called Peach, nah.avi, or  2012: a Pony Odyssey from Anthology 2 you’ve seen some of my stuff. It’s also possible you’ve read my guide in the tutorials section. I’ve been an editor since 2009 and editing ponies since June 2011.

Continuing on the subject of firsts, I’d like to showcase new editor Abby s’ first PMV: Top of the World. And a showcase it deserves. An extremely well edited video that hits all the right notes: excellent clip selection, best pony, smooth transitions, a (slighty loose) story, and great text editing. Another high point is the sparing and tasteful use of simple effects. My only real issues with this video is the mouth movements in some scenes were a bit distracting, and the color of the text made it occasionally difficult to read. Negative’s aside, this editor know what they are doing, and I can’t wait to see more from them.

Story wise (and I do love story PMVs) Abby s does great job of using the song’s lyrics to explore the high and low points that Twilight has faced, showing that while being a princess of Equestria puts her on on Top of the World, it can also be lonely up there . It’s been a while since I’ve felt a little emotional watching a PMV, but this one did it for me. See for yourself that Twilight is truly on Top of the World.

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