The Ballad of Stephanie – Albuquerque by Mr Pilkington


Hello ladies and gentlemen. Today, we’re going to go on a philosophical journey through the mind of Twilight Sparkle. 11 minutes and 25 seconds of pure Weird Al craziness in PMV form. Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready.

Considering this came out in 2012 and goes on for over 10 minutes, this is some seriously impressive editing. Fantastic lip-sync, creative selection work with the lyrics, great pacing – I’m finding it hard to fault. It’s funny, inventive and well up there in my playlist of favourite PMV’s. Weird Al’s style works so well with MLP.

Have some classic Monday silliness below!

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Faster Than You Know by DXIndustriesInc


Hey guys! To round off the week, we have an PMV made by an awesome editor and close friend of mine, DXIndustriesInc. He actually made this last year when he hit 5000 subscribers, but I’d like to bring attention to it as it’s still a great video.

The video focuses on Twilight and her journey becoming a princess over the past few seasons. DX has a great sense of timing and pace and it clearly shows in his editing. His cuts and transitions are very clean, giving the clips a considerable impact to the beats of the song. There’s a nice flow running throughout, cutting between show footage, vectors, and the animated lyrics. The split-screen parts are also quite cool. If I had to criticize it, I’d say the repetition of solid color backgrounds can be jarring at some points. It would’ve been nice to have some kind of texture or overlay to spice them up.

The most astounding part for me is knowing that this was made in Sony Vegas. Considering the amount of kinetic typography and custom visuals, that must have been such a painstaking task to endure. The typography section at 2:08 is fantastic. I felt second-hand pain just knowing how awkward Vegas can be when handling text. It really goes to show you don’t need fancy software to make great videos. If you’re a good editor, talent shines through regardless. He deserves all those subscribers and more, and I’m so proud to call him my friend.

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Spike Can’t Say Goodbye by DagaYemar


Poor Spike. Little guy can’t even catch a break.

Today we’ve got a fun little video based on Spike’s desperation to be with Rarity despite her turning him down. As the song implies, he just can’t say goodbye to her and keeps coming up with excuses.

I actually saw [another PMV] to this song based on the Mane 6 a while ago. While I preferred the editing and variation in that one, I do like how this one focuses primarily on Spike’s feelings. A highlight for me had to be the fun scene selection showing potential tragedies for Rarity. Perhaps the video would’ve benefited from putting in more effort with the lipsync. As it stands, it’s partially synced which is a hit or miss situation throughout the video.

It was amusing to see the reactions of the other ponies. Daga really nailed down the characterization in the video. Spike rocking back and forth with a pillow especially. Looks like you’ve been completely and utterly friendzoned, buddy.

Check out the video below!

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Only Pony by OhPonyBoy


It’s Saturday night. That means it’s time to PARTY!

Using a mix of normal flash puppets and the pointy style that the fandom’s really leeched onto, OhPonyBoy has created a really neat custom animation to go with his own song. While I sometimes feel that animation and PMV can be separated in style, this one certainly mixes the two and does a damn fine job of it. It’s not just plain animation too, there’s some great editing and effects used throughout.

I really loved the use of synced animation of the ponies to flow with the musical elements. Pinkie bouncing, Fluttershy singing, Twilight’s ear wiggle – it’s all so adorably fitting. Making your own animated music video can’t be an easy task, but I’m sure it gave the creator the ability to bring his original ideas of visualization to life. The concepts are well executed and especially towards the second half, the video really comes to life. It’s a style not too dissimilar to BronyDanceParty’s content, but it adds enough to keep it fresh and exciting.

Get your rave on down below!

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The Grey by metalsystem761


Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. I’ve been attempting to do some film editing for class, but the lack of candy coloured equines has distracted me. Go figure.

Anyway, today we’re bringing you a emotional PMV focusing on inner turmoil and redemption. This PMV seems to use a variety of characters such as Luna, Applejack and Discord to highlight the dramatic impact of the song. I have to give praise for the scene selection used here, their choices really do compliment the lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, The use of text on screen is decent – it’s an extra element that further exaggerates the emotion. The transition effects seemed forced at some points, but for the most part it works. If the creator develops and improves it in future videos, it could become quite an interesting style for them.

I do quite like how the video lets the clips breathe a bit in terms of pacing. When editing to music it’s important to know how long to hold a clip. Do you cut to the rhythm or to the emotion? Here, the emotion takes priority and so we get a chance to sympathize with the characters. Overall, this is a nice solid PMV that strives and achieves the atmosphere of the song. Check it out below.
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Take My Hand (EQG RR MV) by respectcopyrightmyass

Tonight we have a Rainbow Rocks PMV by respectcopyrightmyass so I hope you’re ready to rock!

It’s a battle between the Dazzlings and the Rainbooms for the fate of Equestria… or maybe humanity? Both?

I’m not sure, but what I am sure is that if you want a PMV to rock out to, this one will do it. Overall, its not an incredibly complex PMV, but just a lot of fun. It’s worth a watch if you just want rock and ponies Equestria girls.


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A Summer In The Stars by daspacepony

We get to see a bunch paintings of this princess sleeping under the moon, but isn’t Luna supposed to be nocturnal?

While we ponder these circumstances, lets distract ourselves with a beautifully clean typography from daspacepony!  In a world of editors striving for realistic distortion techniques, it’s always important to keep it clean when your music demands it.

Now I’m not one for typography or chord patterns that don’t extend beyond the common progressions, but this PMV is pretty neat regardless.  Our editor really puts their own consistent style into this video by using environments and skies as the main pony-oriented focus of the video.   It builds a nice atmosphere in this respect, and most importantly, it creates a difference between background and foreground.  One thing that subtracts points visually yet adds points creatively is the helvetica font used in the chorus. It makes sense with the lyrics because it’s a fun font, but it also seems slightly out of place with the style of the visuals.

Go below for a show about summer time that’s mighty fine.

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You’re On by MrLogic

Ah season 2, we’ve come so far from power crazed, deceptive, super powered villains to…

Let’s get to the PMV!  Tonight we have a nicely edited piece that retells the classic S2 finale using a song that share’s a similar theme with the visual story: deciding who’s on whose side.  It’s a very common theme that you’ll find all over the place, but I’d say it’s done in a fresh and dazzling new way right here.

One thing the video does really well to match the song is a simple coloring and glowing edit that lasts the entire time.  It’s really used to identify the style of the music rather than give any emphasis to changes in the music, and it works fantastically well for that.

Check it out below and receive a free changeling apocalypse!*

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*Update: Sold out.

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Shine Like Rainbows by sprinkly rainbow


So here we have a fairly nice and simplistic PMV using the song from the credits of Rainbow Rocks. Though I’m not too big on the Equestria Girls movies, I still appreciate seeing the songs synced up to pony clips. By using a song that’s naturally linked to the show, the creator already had one foot in the door. Rather than having to adapt the clips to the theme of the audio, their job was made easier knowing that it would be a fitting PMV regardless.

The PMV itself isn’t too bad – it has decent scene selection and some good cuts throughout. Though it doesn’t try anything radically new, it’s still a lovely little video focusing primarily on the friendship of the Mane 6. The simplicity gives it a sense of charm, and I love to see the themes of the show inspiring people to make these videos for fun. I do feel that there could’ve been more variation in the clips used. It would’ve been nice to have more focus on the individual characters instead of the usual Friendship Cannons and Sonic Rainbooms.

It’s interesting for me to see these types of PMV’s again as it reminds me a lot of how I used to edit my older videos. After being so caught up in After Effects and making things look fancy, it’s sometimes easy to look past these PMV’s and label them as generic. However, I still feel that simple cutting can be just as powerful as heavy VFX. This video may not have blown me away, but it certainly did make me smile. And if that’s what the creator wanted then they’ve succeeded in their goal. Best of luck to them for their future editing endeavors.

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Play Like Pinkie Pie by Shiropoint

What’s up, cool kids? I’m MrDeLoop! I’ve been making PMV’s and various pony videos in the fandom since 2011. You might know me for making the Bring it all Back PMV, Discord Kinetic Typography or even the craziness that is EQG: Day of the Flutter.  Either way, I’m super excited to be joining the PMV Today author team from here on out. I’ve always felt passionate about PMV’s and it’ll be pretty damn cool to ramble about them over here. They are my friends, after all.

So, let’s kick this party off with perhaps one of my biggest editing inspirations in the fandom – Shiropoint. His Mane 6 series of videos made back in 2011 do an incredible job of capturing the personality, style and energy of each pony. Play Like Pinkie Pie is one of the gems that stuck out for me back when I first joined. The sense of pace, mix of show footage and custom visuals, the perfectly fitting song… It all flows together to create an awesome video that completely captures the essence of Pinkie. It’s a high octane burst of pure sugar filled craziness. And I love it.

With hundreds of thousands of views on these musical homages, Shiro’s earned his place as one of the more notable classic MLP editors. I’m sure he’s inspired many of us to go forth and just be creative because it’s FUN. Even if he’s recently taken an interest in other creative endeavors, I’ll always look up to his video-making talent and rewatch these videos to fuel my own motivation.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it – check out [this remake] made by NoPonyZone. It’s a really cool modern take on an old classic.

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