Still Alive by Daga Yemar

Portal 2 was one of those games where you could get stuck on a level for hours and not care because there were BOXES involved.  Fun!

We haven’t had a genuinely funny PMV in a good while, so here’s a new one from Daga Yemar whose name is impossible to spell without auto correct butting in. -_-

Moving on, the video is a little rough at first being that you have to know Portal to really get all of the jokes and references.  But by the end, the jokes are obvious and still entertaining enough to make you smile even if you’re not a huge fan of the game or if you rage quit after level four.  Tons of literal interpretations of the lyrics and fantastic lip syncing also make this a great thing to watch.

So click the video below to start your adventure to space! SPACE!!!

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Energy by Acleps

Hello everypony! Today, I am bringing you an amazing PMV done by TheAcleps. “Energy” is stuningly amazing in the motion graphics.  Myself, I am a big fan of motion graphics, and this one blew my mind. Once I saw the thumbnail on my feed and watched the video, I was like “Yep, this is definitely Acleps.”  The amount of visuals and transitions presented in this is like candy to my eyes. But anyways, enough of me jibber jabbing, go watch it down below!

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Come On by Stellafera

Ya know, I’ve always really disliked Spike as a character.


So drop what you’re doing and listen up, because this new one by Stellafera will change everything you thought you knew (maybe) about the purple pair .  First answer: No, it is not a shipping PMV.  It’s really just a fantastic journey through the relationship of two wonderfully interwoven characters.  Heck, one might say it’s pretty “d’awwwn cute!” *Badum Tss*

The video not only recounts the times the two adventured throughout Equestria together, but it shows their failures in the show and how they pick themselves up.  All of the editor’s scenes really tie in literally with the lyrics and show just how much Panic!’s words relate to what’s going on.  It’s a story about everlasting friendship, shared failures and victories, and at the end there’s a beginning.  And of course, Stella tells it best below!

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Home – Madeon by MrLogic

Just how comfortable and homely can My Little Pony make you feel?

Well, as much as this next PMV can, which certainly brings up tons of nostalgic happiness from all sorts of seasons from our favorite horse show.  This particular video really brings it back for me personally thanks to that VHS style visual effect which was a very prominent detail in the Princess Bride tape that I watched at least a thousand times.

MrLogic, one of our most unrecognized editors, has brought an atmosphere that feels as comfortable as the show itself.  While there is PLENTY of overused footage from the finale scenes of each season, I truly do think that they were required to bring together the sense of nostalgia.  It makes it so much deeper for someone who’s been in the fandom for a while.  And those hugely popular scenes are actually used really well with an inspirational track, so I’d deem it fitting.

Check this thing out for yourself as you bask in the square screen of the old days.

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Final Masquerade by Dr_Stables


Hey there, Sunday PMV folk! Isn’t the image above just insanely adorable? I’ve always loved RD being a surrogate sister to Scootaloo and when she took her under her wing I think I might’ve actually contracted diabetes. Seriously.

Anyway, today we’re bringing you a Scootadash PMV based on a Linkin Park song. The video takes the song and connects it to MLP by focusing on Scootaloo’s lamentation – presumably over the relationship she shares with Dash. Although there are some parts that show potential, there are a lot of unnecessary effects used throughout. Perhaps the most prevalent is the motion blurred screenwipe from shot to shot and the flashes. Oh god, the flashes.

I’ll give props to the creator for tackling a Scootaloo/Dash type of PMV – there’s not many scenes of them together interacting so this makes scene selection tough. There’s ways to cheat this such as using splitscreen, intercutting or masks, but the way they went about it felt slightly artificial and forced. Some of the effects feel slightly detached, as if they were included to make the video stand out rather than utilizing them within the context of the theme. It’s not necessarily bad to use effects in PMV’s. In fact, in some they can really bring the footage to life. But as you improve at editing and get past the experimental stage of learning a program, you should try to be creative with how you make use of them. A stellar example of this would be Linker’s [Faint PMV] which is definitely flashy, but does so in a way that compliments the atmosphere.

Although it wasn’t quite my taste, I do hope you guys get a kick out of it. Check it out below!

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[PMV] A Solid Dream by CollabNationPMV

Hello everyone, today we have a very special PMV. It’s not made by one person but a team of 15 fantastic visual artists who are very good at what they do. Another thing that makes this PMV collab special is that it has two songs included in it, so it’s as if you’re getting two PMVs all wrapped up into one. Each of these editors are great on their own so when they come together it really shows off how much talent they all have to create an amazing video. This is also their first PMV together so it would be nice to see what they have for us in the future (hopefully more amazing content.)

You guys really need to check it out.

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Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling – by DoubleRainbowfilly


Hey all! Tonight we have a flashy PMV by DoubleRainbowfilly. Making good use of the new footage we’ve gotten already, this video has quite a few scenes stretching from S1 to S5.

One effect I noticed that was used quite a bit was keying (as opposed to masking). It’s an interesting choice as it’s rarely used in PMVs. Some of that keying was spectacular, and the compositing made for some really interesting scenes overall. The editor here really showed good usage, however there were a few scenes that I wondered why it was there, like the black on the tree house before the transition and on the mannequins (the next scene was perfect though with the composited footage). Transitions were also quite well done, and I particularly liked the blinds effect.


Check it out for yourself!


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Vox Populi by ObbsessiveBookworm

Hello guys and gals! Bringing you today with a really cool PMV by ObbsessiveBookworm focused mostly on season 5 premiere, and some other episodes. The beginning is pretty slow with the pace of the song, accompanied by the effect of like the old 50’s black and white cartoons. Then later after, when the song picks up everything starts to turn epic. The sequence of clips is organized greatly and some of the effects used are amazing. Go watch the video below!

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One Last Wish by Gunca PMV

Pie is a little known weakness of the changelings, particularly Pinkie’s passionfruit pies.

Pies, ponies and PMVs are all prevalent in this next gem from GuncaPMV.  Except I might have lied about the pies.  The pie is a lie.

Moving on, this video was a one week challenge from our editor, who is back in the scene after a bit of a hiatus.  There’s a bunch of lovely camera movement and lighting going on in this piece, and this would be incredible if there was more time put into it.  As it stands right now in the world of editing, there were a lot of rough patches in the placement and general technical details.  Wings may seem disconnected, prolonged and slightly pretentious introductions and texts appear where they might should not, and where pictures could have easily told the story.

But that’s the important part: the story.  It’s a fantastic find after a small drought of pony music videos and you should check it out now for a simple hypothetical changeling war and some great editing ideas.

Pies Ponies below!

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El Carratero by FernandoIV


Alright, today we have a generally simple PMV that’s been sitting in the submissions list for a while now. Let’s jump to it and round off the week!

Well, the first thing to note is that it uses a song that’s entirely in Spanish. Luckily, the creator made a version with English subtitles. While not a perfect translation, we still get a good sense of the song’s themes. Horses, wagons and gypsies – which , admittedly, does fit Pinkie Apple Pie’s travelling scenes. The editing here is solid enough and I can’t fault the choice of cuts or pacing much. There could’ve been more clips actually used and more variation to spice it up, but it is what it is.

I did enjoy how the editor stuck to the whole traditional Spanish folk band getup. It was fun to see the Mariachi band and Applejack strumming on a banjo intercut with the rest of the video. It’s certainly interesting to watch PMV’s with songs from different cultures. As a general tip if the creator sees this, the video does suffer from some ghosting where the framerate of the episodes are different from the export framerate. It’s an easy fix in Vegas by right clicking the footage and disabling the resampling.

Put on your sombrero and check it out below! Arriba and all that.

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