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Hey everyone! How’s it going? Truth be told, there’s been quite a drought of PMV’s recently. I’m pretty sure education is to blame. It’s that weird time of year when they’re like “Hey, you want freedom? Here’s ten billion examinations and assignments. It’s not like you needed any free time anyways.” Here’s hoping the lead-up to Summer (and more importantly; BronyCon) will get those creative juices flowing.

So as Jeff the Janitor cleans the spiderwebs from the submissions list, we here at PMVToday HQ have been searching high and low for posting material. There’s actually a lot of videos that label themselves as PMV’s. It’s just the majority are either kids making their toys dance or barely edited footage set to a high pitched version of “Timber”. We try to be fair with the spotlight, but we still have to keep some standard of quality.

That being said, I actually came across this undiscovered gem earlier today. It’s a video based on the loss of Twilight’s treehouse and the memories she made while living there. While it’s clear the creator is new to the video scene due to some minor editing errors, I was pleasantly surprised by how heartwarming this turned out. The song is a perfect fit for the show, especially the overall tone of “Castle Sweet Castle”. I’ll always have a soft spot for PMV’s that serve to compliment the morals of the episodes. The theme is about finding where you truly belong – and despite her having to move into a new physical home, the concept of home is being somewhere you feel safe and happy. Twilight’s home will always be where her friends are.

The video does a great job showcasing memories from the past 5 seasons. It’s not perfect, but the overall concept is really nice. Sometimes that alone can carry a video and bring happiness to those who watch it. Feeling the passion to bring these ideas to life is what keeps me going as an editor, and I sincerely hope to see the creativity of this editor flourish in the future.

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