Doors by various SFM animators


Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night. We got something different from the norm to post tonight. While we don’t normally post SFM videos, this one is really neat. Consisting of 36 (I think) SFM animators, it follows Twilight Sparkle as she side scrolls through a series of door, and all the ridiculous and insane situations that happen between each one.  While I haven’t seen the original it’s based on, the concept is simple enough that it’s not necessary to enjoy this remake.

It’s really quite cool to see so many different interpretations of a pony going through a series of doors. The animation through the various segments is really quite adorable and exciting. It’s a cool video and with so many editors I can only imagine how it was coordinated so well.


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Doors by various SFM animators, 4.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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