Welcome to PMV Today.


Hello. I think it’s about time we reintroduced ourselves.

We’re PMV Today. For the past 3 years, we’ve been bringing the spotlight to the newest and greatest PMV’s. We’ve been a community of video editors, artists and creatives alike. We’ve done interviews, challenges and contests. We held our third annual PMV Contest at BronyCon 2015. Despite minor technical difficulties, it was a massive success and goes to prove that the PMV community really is alive and kicking. Our aim has always been to celebrate the overwhelming video talent within the My Little Pony fandom.

But we need to make a confession. We’ve been slacking. Due to personal reasons and inactivity, the original founders and staff have all but disappeared. A few days ago, Lord Pony handed ownership of the site over to me. I’ll admit, I was intimidated by the responsibility. But I know that this is a community that needs to be cherished. And for as long as there’s content, we will keep showcasing and celebrating it. As an editor myself, I know now how incredibly important this can be.

So, I’ve pulled together a team. Some are content creators you may have heard of. Others are not. But ultimately, we all share the same passion and we’re committed to step up our game.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be posting more regularly and more often. We’ll be reaching out with discussions, reviews, spotlights and awesome things we can’t talk about yet. We’re gonna give PMV’s the attention they deserve. We’re gonna do our best to deliver all this and more.

Either way, we’re back. And we’re ready to rock.

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