Flashlight by Pro Brony

Hey, Drakinite again. Here is another PMV that could be better visually, but is beautiful underneath. Pro Brony released this a few days ago, and I like it. The majority of the music video used text laid over clips from the show. Now, to be honest, several of the effects seemed either out of place or sloppy, but I like to emphasize that it doesn’t always matter, if there is a story or message to back it up.

This definitely did have a message behind the curtain. Pro Brony used the song — Flashlight by Jessie J — perfectly. The PMV is centered around the singer, who is helped through her tough days by someone close – whether it is a loved one or a friend, I am not sure. The video did not stick with one character; rather, show clips were chosen that best suited with the lyrics and message of the song.

Pro Brony has a lot of potential, and I’m really looking forward to what is to come from him in the future!

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