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Well hello there. My name is Jack DC 93. If you’ve read the Staff page on this site, you may know me for making silly PMV’s, and talking in the third person. However, I will disregard both of those today to talk to you about a really cool PMV made by daspacepony.

This PMV came in third place in the Feel Good category at this year’s BronyCon PMV Contest, and, going through the video, you can see why it earned that place. What I liked most about this PMV was how everything flowed continuously. There were no sudden cuts or jumps to throw you out of the immersion. I also liked how the motion graphics on show were timed incredibly well to the beat of the music. This is most prominent at the beginning and the end of the PMV. Finally, I appreciated the “cleanliness” of the PMV. Although it could be considered simple in terms of motion graphics, there was no clutter or flashiness when it came to this PMV, which made it stand out for me.

I feel that if daspacepony can combine the clean visuals on show here with some more complex motion graphics or effects, then they can create something truly special. But as it stands, they are definitely on the right path. It’s always great to see more talent emerge from the PMV community, and I think daspacepony will become one of the more prominent editors in time.

For now, check out the PMV for Glow below! (Or, if you like your visuals more smooth, check out the 60FPS version here!)

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