Untouchable by Alanj2007Games [Collab]

Here’s an incredible collab that came out yesterday, set to the song “Untouchable” by Tritonal and Cash Cash. Each part was beautiful, had their own styles, and transitioned into the next fluidly. This collaboration actually contains one of our own staff, JackDC93!

It was interesting to see how each person interpreted the lyrics. Most of them were unique, and some that were notable were the use of the mane 6 rainbow powers and Equestria girls; and my personal favorite, DASpacePony’s use of ponies from the S5 premiere. I only wish that they also included the Power Ponies. :(

You may recognize Alanj2007Games, and a few of his collab partners, from other groups such as The Collaboratory. And I hope this video is a success, because I’d love to see more from them. If you agree, why don’tcha go ahead and check it out, and maybe even share with your friends! I could go on rambling about this PMV, but hopefully I’ve gotten you excited enough to watch it now!

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Thanks for sharing! Really appreciate it, Drakinite! ^^

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