Hey guys. DeLoop here.

As you’ve probably noticed, the site has turned into a bit of a ghost town. This is entirely my fault and I take the blame for the lack of posting and activity overall.

I simply haven’t had the motivation to run a site like this. It was already a monumental task, but when pretty much all of the previous staff disappeared without much of a trace, I just wanted to make sure the legacy was continued. The thing is, it’s hard to make this site a priority when I’m utterly swamped with my own life. I’m struggling as it is to keep up with University and I simply can’t afford the time to run an entire website. I can hardly afford the time to edit my own videos.

I’ve tried contacting Chrono and gaining access to the Twitter and Facebook in the hopes that social media would aid us, but so far my efforts have been fruitless. I attempted to bring staff on board, but even their motivation started to sway when they saw the lack of results. We could put a ton of effort into showcasing and analysing PMV’s, but we’d get about 10 views and if we’re extremely lucky, one comment. I don’t feel it’s worth it. I feel that 2013 was this site’s golden era, but ultimately I don’t think the support from the community is there anymore. Don’t get me wrong, PMV’s are making great progress – with all these new collab projects and rising editors, it’s really nice to see. But personally, I have too much on my plate and my motivation has really died down.

So, I don’t know what’ll happen. There’ll probably still be PMV contests and stuff in the future but right now it seems everything’s in limbo. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up with it all. I’m not a website designer, reviewer or an author. I’m an editor and I need to focus on that.



well i submitted 2 videos in hopes the’d get posted, but that was few weeks ago, never even got a response in my email, but i’m like you, if i had the time, i’d love to help out.

Circuit Mane

I’m sorry to hear about your motivation waning on this. I only discovered this site a few months ago and I find it a great resource for pmv’s I might have missed or forgotten and I always enjoy looking threw it. I do hope you keep it going in some fashion.


Universities are hard, yes. I wanted to finish and submit a PMV this year, but my efforts were oversighted by class work. I’ll probably finish it by the upcoming spring. I’m hoping for the best in this site!


Oh I don’t know what to say. I’ve always just been a spectator of all the great art, I love the show just as much as I did back in 2012. The only difference being the joy of finding something great. In fact I’m very comfortable in my love for the ponies.
Really really sad to see this site go though, I even told a small video game streamer to check this site out a couple of months ago. Anyway like NAS said, “love changes, a thug changes and best friends become strangers.” Thank you for trying MrDeLoop. Health first. We love you and remember your efforts.
That being said. Go go ponies! :3


Well i could be an author and keep the party alive…


I’d love to help if I could, but I get an hour of time on the computer a day, so I couldn’t help that much.


And to think I just found this site today, at a little past midnight. :(
I wish you the best.

HeavyWeaponsBaby (@MaudieTheTux)

I really hope this site will go back to life somehow it is sad to see it like this. It is an amazing site for people who make PMVs, the way you review these videos is very informative for everyone and pushes the creators to do greater things, I know it helped me, so I’d like to thank you and I wish for things to get better!

caradoc brennain

listen i enjoy this site a lot. i think with some work and extra fandom exposure this site could explode again please reply to this im willing to help and spend MANY hours outside of my school activities on this. contact me at please and ill do anything to help. including hours of time on youtube to write posts. plus i can try for re-exposure on EQD. so… please read this and let me know.

AnimeFunTV (@AnimeFunTV)

You know you could have just asked us for help if ya’ll needed anything. We would have gladly helped out since we are still doing the PonyFunTV program set for spring/summer premiere.


i get that you must be swamped and with people not coming here anymore you must be discouraged but please understand this website means a lot to the ones who stayed loyal i know i check every week to see if there are new uploads but sadly there are not all i can do is watch your choices and see what you do there is not much i can do but watch this is all the computer time i get and even then i am supposed to be on work but please keep pmvtoday alive

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