Saturn by Limey Lassen


Hello everyone!  Here we have a nice new PMV from Limey Lassen.  This video is a rather simple one, but by no means is that a bad thing.  In fact, it’s a nice breath of fresh air from the large amount of collabs coming from the community these days.  I wish we had more like it, but I digress.

The scene selection in this video is spot-on, I really liked how Limey would pay attention to things like having the moon in one shot in the same place as the sun in another shot, and so on.  My one criticism of this is that the pace could be a tad bit faster, but that all comes down to personal preference.  All in all, this is a really great video.  Watch it below!

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Arcades by Soniccrew128

Hey all!

Today I have a brand spankin’ new PMV for you all, from our own Soniccrew. Now, I’m not posting this just because he’s here; he’s here because he’s good, and I’m posting this because he’s good. This is a Rarity PMV, with a major focus of her and her cutie mark. There are shakes and glitches everywhere, which is timed perfectly with the music. I hadn’t really realized what I’ve been missing in PMVs recently, until I saw this one. There’s one focus and theme; the style changes over time, but it’s still unified over time. Plus, the soundtrack is to die for, it’s so beautiful in its glitchy, scratchy French funk goodness. If you don’t have photosensitive epilepsy, give this video a shot, it’s great.

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Tutorial: Getting resources for making great PMVs

Dashie in the clouds

Howdy there, this is daspacepony! Today, I’m bringing something a little different, a tutorial!

So you want to start making a PMV? Or just want to find more places to get the images/video clips you need? Don’t fret. This post will sure to give some help. (Disclaimer: This tutorial is made with my experience of making PMVs so you might do it slightly differently.)

Show clips

Book horse holding a pill. It definitely provides some eye-candy ;)

Finding show clips is a little hard, especially with all that copyright-fair use stuff going on. But whatever you do, please, for the good of all PMV makers out there, don’t use a screen recording software and record snippets of clips from YouTube. Use a show clip that has no extra markings (that includes a Hub or Discovery Family logo), so it is just the pure clean episode, nothing else. There are indeed places online that do let you download high quality 1080p episodes, I can’t say where those places are, but they are there. It’s about 900MB per 1080p episode, so you might wanna have some plan to store it somewhere externally. If the episode you’ve download is of an unreadable format, use a video converter, for example I use a program called Avidemux.

Green Screen Ponies is a wonderful place to download pre-keyed scenes from the show, allowing you to replace the green-area of the video with anything you want. Usually great for a Pony In Real Life video or fancy motion graphics PMV.


Pinkie the Helicopter
oooh, rainbow thread
Super saiy- I mean, Rainbow Power cutie marks

Whether it is a certain pony in a certain pose, a prop, a cutie mark, or even a background, vectors certainly provide a lot of flexibility. The MLP-VectorClub has probably the largest collection of all the vectors you can think of from the show with various artists from deviantArt contributing to the gallery every so often. You can download insanely high-quality art (some up to 16000 x 16000), OR you could download the .svg or .ai files that allows you to edit the lines and shapes within the vector with softwares such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator to better fit for the PMV you’re making.


oh my, sick beats from DJ horse

Unless you aren’t scared of a potential take down of your YouTube channel, going for official music like those from VEVO shouldn’t be the one you might be going with. Though it is a precaution, it shouldn’t be the reason to limit your music selection. Most PMVs still go fine with it. Some PMVs go with remixes of the original song, while some PMVs use the ‘Nightcore’ version, but I wouldn’t recommend that. There are some places which offer royalty-free or non-copyrighted music such as NoCopyrightSounds. A great option would be to find a fandom made song, as they offer music that are already made for pony. But all in all, choose a song that you absolutely love to bits and has potential for pony. ;)

So yep, those are the essential stuff you need to make a PMV. Afterwards, put them into your computer’s own video editing software and off you go! If this tutorial helped, I, and the rest of the PMVToday staff could do more :)

Open Your Eyes by Pyrobug0


Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Tuesday.  I’ve come to show you this beautiful PMV made by Pyrobug0 called Open Your Eyes.  This video won Judge’s Pick in the Everfree Northwest 2016 PMV contest, and let me tell you, this video is highly deserving of that.  This is probably one of the best show footage PMVs I’ve ever seen.  Heck, it might even be one of the best PMVs I’ve seen period.  Seriously, the scene choices are perfect, the emotions in the video are spot on, and there are little things added throughout the video, so you may have to watch it a couple times to catch everything.  All around, this video is a great work of editing, and I can’t fault it.  I hope we see more from Pyrobug in the future!

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Discussion: Friendship is Magic in Good Film

(Spoiler warning: This may spoil some events in Captain America: Civil War. Thou hast been warned.)


I just saw the new Captain America movie, and I loved it. But one thing really stuck out to me. These characters, well, they are more than just characters. They are people, with their own motives and morals and stories. And they are friends. I saw Tony and Steve fighting bitterly, and I realized…. that this movie has a friendship moral too. Let’s see if I can relay this. *Ahem…*

Dear Princess Celestia…

Today I learned that in friendship, we may have our differences and our arguments. Sometimes our friends betray us because they are doing what they believe is right. We may disagree. We may feel like everything is on the line. But in the end, we are still friends. On many occasions, I have avoided stating my mind in an argument because I felt like if I did, it would get too heated and our friendship would be tested. But these men didn’t stop respecting each other. Their friendship still remains, even after all the drama. Hell Tartarus, I was just in an argument with a friend about art and criticism, but I backed out before I could actually realize that he wanted to have a perfectly intellectual conversation, instead of a friendship-breaking argument. Everyone makes mistakes.

What does this have to do with film, you may ask? It’s good writing. As they all say, action speaks louder than words. The Avengers have been known for their characterization through action instead of dialogue, though I won’t get deep into that now. In short, the characters’ writing and direction is heavily influenced by their personalities. And so, their friendships, their hardships, and their morals are all important to them when deciding what action to take. In the movie, everyone had to decide whether to restrict their ability to protect the world, by signing an accord with the United Nations. Through Tony Stark’s past mistakes and social consciousness, he prioritized allowing everyone’s actions kept in check. However, Steve refused signing the accord because he prioritized people’s safety over people’s opinions. These men stuck by their ideals, and they got into a big fight with their friends.

This made me think of the Season 5 premiere’s events in Our Town. Everyone in there was afraid that arguments would break friendships apart, but the Mane 6’s simple disagreement meant nothing. Being unique can lead to differences, but when we share those differences for what we believe is right, friends can and will understand.

Bad Machine | PMV Collab by Tisteve


Hey, this is daspacepony! I’m another new author on PMVToday and have been making PMVs and joining PMV collabs since January 2015, here to showcase another amazing PMV!

Do you like crazy glitch effects? Dubstep? Fancy visuals? Collaborations? Then boy, do we have a good one here. Long time PMV maker, Tisteve has hopped on the collab-ing bandwagon and has surely brought the best people in for this style of PMV. Especially Pixel3000nerd and Alanj2007games who are known to make the best “glitch effect” PMVs around, did their parts wonderfully. Not forgetting HarmonicWind’s lovely typography and custom scenes for the rap part of the song; TiMan, Ashie and Tisteve, all bringing their own unique twists to their part of the collab, which is what being in a collab is all about. Besides the slightly too frequent use of typography and little use of visuals in HarmonicWind’s part that felt a little off within the PMV’s heavy effect, heavy visual feel, the whole PMV just blended wonderfully together with the song it went and that’s pretty much the most important thing about a PMV to me. :D

I can’t wait to see more amazing PMVs like this one in the community! Check out the PMV below!

space out~

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My Everything [PMV Collab] by GuncaPMV


Oh Hi there! I’m Soniccrew128. And Today I’m here to show all of you an beautiful collab, My Everything hosted by GuncaPMV.

This collab centers around Celestia and Luna, and it shows about their harsh lives and how much they care about one another. This PMV is just filled with feelings, and emotions that I can even maybe cry. With the help of these amazing collaborators, this was an amazing piece of work, full of great visuals, animation, and typography. And surprisingly no use of show footage, which is awesome! So I hope all of you will check out this collab out and give a round of applause to these guys for working on this :D

I also want to say it’s such an honor being a author here on PMVToday, I always hoped that this site will come back. So until next time, you guys are awesome! *bro-hoof*

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Pump It by chocalicorn


Heya, new author here! I’m Ashieboop, been a fan of MLP for about 5 years now, started creating content 2 years ago. I’ve participated in a few PMV collabs in that time, as well as trying a bit of 3D animation. I also have semi-professional experience in video editing and VFX, so apparently I know things. I’ll try not to nitpick too much!

For my first post, have a great PMV by chocalicorn. It features a lot of Pinkie and Dash in their most energetic moments.

I don’t really have a lot to say about it, there’s so much done right in this PMV! This video finds a good balance between show footage, effects and typography which proves that you don’t need to focus on flashy effects to create a fun filled and energetic video. None of the effects or typography felt overused, while the show footage matched with the energy of the song.

It’s great to have the opportunity to be part of PMVToday, go check out Pump It below!

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Papercut (Collab) by Dazzl and Kooper


Hey guys, chocalicorn here, and today I’m back with a lovely PMV collab by Dazzl and Kooper called Papercut.

This video focuses a lot on Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Mane 6, and their struggles with friendship as a group.  The video is very story-driven, but it also has a lot of attractive effects, which is something I’d really like to see more of.  This video earned a well-deserved spot on the Top Ten Pony Videos of April 2016.

That being said, PMVers often feel the need to visualize every single word when making typography.  This might just be personal preference, but I don’t think you need to make typography of “ahh.”  Again, I’m nitpicking.  This video is really cool.

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Our Story by SnowT

Woah what’s this? Yup, PMVToday is finally back! Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post on this site. It feels good to be bringing you guys some awesome PMVs (even though now we have months of backlog. But if you find something awesome, please send it in!)

Speaking of awesome PMVs, I have a great one for you guys today. This one is a collab organized by SnowT, and featuring a collection of editors. My favorite parts are by SnowT and Particolt1030, you guys were great. But really, everybody in this video was great. All the editing styles blended together really well, and only a few parts felt out-of-place (I kinda get what you were going for with pointy ponies, but it didn’t work for me).  Still, the good stuff is good enough that I can overlook the parts I’m not the biggest fan of, and this video leaves me with a smile every time I watch it.

I’m proud to say PMVToday is back, and you all should go check out Our Story below!

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