Arcades by Soniccrew128

Hey all!

Today I have a brand spankin’ new PMV for you all, from our own Soniccrew. Now, I’m not posting this just because he’s here; he’s here because he’s good, and I’m posting this because he’s good. This is a Rarity PMV, with a major focus of her and her cutie mark. There are shakes and glitches everywhere, which is timed perfectly with the music. I hadn’t really realized what I’ve been missing in PMVs recently, until I saw this one. There’s one focus and theme; the style changes over time, but it’s still unified over time. Plus, the soundtrack is to die for, it’s so beautiful in its glitchy, scratchy French funk goodness. If you don’t have photosensitive epilepsy, give this video a shot, it’s great.

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Woah! Already wow :D

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