Tutorial: Getting resources for making great PMVs

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Howdy there, this is daspacepony! Today, I’m bringing something a little different, a tutorial!

So you want to start making a PMV? Or just want to find more places to get the images/video clips you need? Don’t fret. This post will sure to give some help. (Disclaimer: This tutorial is made with my experience of making PMVs so you might do it slightly differently.)

Show clips

Book horse holding a pill. It definitely provides some eye-candy ;)

Finding show clips is a little hard, especially with all that copyright-fair use stuff going on. But whatever you do, please, for the good of all PMV makers out there, don’t use a screen recording software and record snippets of clips from YouTube. Use a show clip that has no extra markings (that includes a Hub or Discovery Family logo), so it is just the pure clean episode, nothing else. There are indeed places online that do let you download high quality 1080p episodes, I can’t say where those places are, but they are there. It’s about 900MB per 1080p episode, so you might wanna have some plan to store it somewhere externally. If the episode you’ve download is of an unreadable format, use a video converter, for example I use a program called Avidemux.

Green Screen Ponies is a wonderful place to download pre-keyed scenes from the show, allowing you to replace the green-area of the video with anything you want. Usually great for a Pony In Real Life video or fancy motion graphics PMV.


Pinkie the Helicopter
oooh, rainbow thread
Super saiy- I mean, Rainbow Power cutie marks

Whether it is a certain pony in a certain pose, a prop, a cutie mark, or even a background, vectors certainly provide a lot of flexibility. The MLP-VectorClub has probably the largest collection of all the vectors you can think of from the show with various artists from deviantArt contributing to the gallery every so often. You can download insanely high-quality art (some up to 16000 x 16000), OR you could download the .svg or .ai files that allows you to edit the lines and shapes within the vector with softwares such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator to better fit for the PMV you’re making.


oh my, sick beats from DJ horse

Unless you aren’t scared of a potential take down of your YouTube channel, going for official music like those from VEVO shouldn’t be the one you might be going with. Though it is a precaution, it shouldn’t be the reason to limit your music selection. Most PMVs still go fine with it. Some PMVs go with remixes of the original song, while some PMVs use the ‘Nightcore’ version, but I wouldn’t recommend that. There are some places which offer royalty-free or non-copyrighted music such as NoCopyrightSounds. A great option would be to find a fandom made song, as they offer music that are already made for pony. But all in all, choose a song that you absolutely love to bits and has potential for pony. ;)

So yep, those are the essential stuff you need to make a PMV. Afterwards, put them into your computer’s own video editing software and off you go! If this tutorial helped, I, and the rest of the PMVToday staff could do more :)

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