Heathens by Sambohh


Hey guys, I’m back with another PMV made by the great Sambohh :)

After years of editing experience and making a bunch of collab parts, Sam has finally made his first solo PMV. And must I say, he did an amazing job! It did great with starting off all calm and it really starts to build up at the end, with very nice clip selection and great lip-syncing. My favorite part was the clips matted with the text and Twilight falling down into the Crystal Mines. And all of that action going on at the end of the video was amazing as well. So great job to Sam, and I can’t wait for what he will do next :D

(Also BronyCon is almost here! #HYPE)

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Down the Road hosted by The Collaboratory


Hello everyone! You’ve probably seen this already, but heck, I’m going to write a post on this video anyway!

Hosted by The Collaboratory, this is their newest PMV collab to Down the Road by C2C.  It focuses primarily on Applejack and the rest of her family.  The colours are warm and the parts flow together nicely.  Even the little things throughout this video are continuous, like the camera flash leading from Jack DC 93’s part into TheAcleps’, the cutie mark that shows up in the same spot in my part that is in the same spot as AJ getting her cutie mark in TheLightLeavesThee’s part, TheeLinker using pieces of other parts for when the song glitches out, and daspacepony used a similar scene of the barn at the end of the video that Littleshy did at the beginning.  Everything in this is all really well done!  Lots of collabs released nowadays are either hit or miss, but this one does not disappoint!

Watch it below!

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Waiting for Love (Collab) by SoundoftheWaves

Hey all! Sorry that we haven’t been posting for a while. Lack of support and a slowdown of PMV releases have been sort of chipping at our morale. We’re still alive and kickin’ though! Here’s a PMV collab that’s a few weeks old, but still nice and fresh— the members of which include our own SoundoftheWaves, Soniccrew128, Sambohh, and Chocalicorn; and DealFire. It’s set to arguably the most emotional song by Avicii, “Waiting for Love.” The style of this collaboration reflects most PMVs in the past year or so, focusing more on its individual parts instead of an over-arcing theme. Other types of themed PMVs are making a comeback, but while we “wait for our love,” this is a great and flashy PMV with typography, effects, custom scenes/graphics, and more. If you’re into that, be sure to give it a looksie. Until next time, folks, peace!

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(leave a comment if you’re hyped for our BronyCon PMV contest!!)

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