Waiting for Love (Collab) by SoundoftheWaves

Hey all! Sorry that we haven’t been posting for a while. Lack of support and a slowdown of PMV releases have been sort of chipping at our morale. We’re still alive and kickin’ though! Here’s a PMV collab that’s a few weeks old, but still nice and fresh— the members of which include our own SoundoftheWaves, Soniccrew128, Sambohh, and Chocalicorn; and DealFire. It’s set to arguably the most emotional song by Avicii, “Waiting for Love.” The style of this collaboration reflects most PMVs in the past year or so, focusing more on its individual parts instead of an over-arcing theme. Other types of themed PMVs are making a comeback, but while we “wait for our love,” this is a great and flashy PMV with typography, effects, custom scenes/graphics, and more. If you’re into that, be sure to give it a looksie. Until next time, folks, peace!

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Waiting for Love (Collab) by SoundoftheWaves, 4.2 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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