This site exists to celebrate the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic through the medium of PMVs, or Pony Music Videos. Every day the site will be updated with new content, including the following PMV related awesomeness:
  • Daily featured PMV: Check back each day for a review of a recently created PMV.
  • Monthly Top Ten: Every month there will be an opportunity to vote for your favorite videos of the previous month. The top ten are compiled by a member of the PMV community into a special video.
  • Friday’s Highest Rated: Each video posted to the site can be rated with 1 to 5 stars; at the end of the week the highest rated post will be showcased on the site for the next week!
  • PMV Guides and Tutorials: Learn about various editing topics, submitted by members of the PMV community.
  • Forum: Use the forum to talk about your favorite videos and get advice about video editing from the pros!
PMVToday is all about celebrating the talent and creativity of our great MLP community. If you have a PMV you would like to submit, or have a suggestion about how we can improve the site, hit us up on the Submit/Contact page!
Curious about what kind of strange characters are responsible for all this? Check the About the Staff page.