Jack DC 93 / Owner

Jack DC 93 is a video editor who lives in the fabled land of England. Jack is a particularly quiet person, only choosing to speak at the most opportune times. Jack also likes video games, Italian cuisine, and talking in the third person.

Jack started making PMV’s in December 2011. 4 and a half years later, he still doesn’t know what he’s doing. According to credible sources, he simply mashes his keyboard, and videos pop out. Jack also has to deal with constant questions regarding who he is. It’s very annoying.

Jack challenged MrDeLoop to a duel for control of PMVToday in May 2016. It was a fierce battle, but ultimately, MrDeLoop surrendered, on account of “concentrating on his personal life”. Jack now owns PMVToday, and to be honest, I’m quite scared.

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Sambohh / Supervisor

Sambohh is an editor and animator from the UK. who has been studying film for over three years.

He is best known for his short and snappy animations, notably “Meet Potatojack”, “Scootaloo Sings Like a Pterodactyl” and his first solo PMV, “Heathens”. He first made a splash in the PMV scene when he was a surprise guest editor in the Collaboratory’s “The City” PMV. And this really got the ball rolling. How exactly he got on to the Collaboratory, nobody knows. He probably forced some famous horse editors to become his friends, and persuaded them to let him join or something.

He has a unique and effective writing style, which partly boils down to the fact he has to review so many movies for his film course. I mean seriously the workload is insane.

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SoundoftheWaves / Co-Author

SoundoftheWaves, aka Abby, is a teenage editor who (apparently) has no clue what she’s doing. She’s only been creating videos for a little over a year, but loves every second of it. She tends to favor story-and-emotion-driven PMVs. Her most well known videos are On Top Of The World and Guide You Home, which placed first in the Drama category of our very own BronyCon contest!

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Drakinite / Developer / Co-Author

Distracted Drak describes him well. Drakinite is an editor, animator, and artist who randomly appeared one day. He’s most notably known for his silly animations, appearances on several small PMV collaborations, and official status of memehood.

He gets easily excited and easily bored, so writing every week about music videos is a perfect fit. Outside of anything pony, Drak is involved in engineering, programming, and various other activities. He prefers complicated things like more dynamic music, and enjoys to shove whatever he likes into everyone’s face. Drak has never made a full PMV, but there’s a first time for everything, right?

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TheLightLeavesThee / Co-Author

TheLightLeavesThee is an experienced PMV creator and editor in the fandom. As well as creating some seriously impactful dramatic videos such as “Everybody Wants to Rule The World” and “Is it everything you dreamed, Princess Sparkle?”, Light manages and runs The Collaboratory. In his spare time, he’s enjoys referencing overused memes and being a world class dingus. But we all love him, really.

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Sonic avi

Soniccrew128 / Co-Author

Soniccrew128 is an Editor/Animator/YouTuber who wastes his time with Ponies.

He started making PMVs right around the begining of January 2015, and he is still a noobie. He makes action PMVs while using Sonic music. His well know PMVs are Super Sonic Racing, Eye On It, and Open Your Heart. Sonic not only makes PMVs, He does other things on Youtube like My Little Pony In Real Life, Gaming Videos, and SFMs.

Soniccrew128 is 20% cooler than Rainbow Dash, and goes really fast in making stuff.

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chocalicorn / Co-Author

chocalicorn is a horse editor from Canada. He first entered the pony video business back in 2011, with a YTPMV of Red Velvet by Mr. Death. He has since then improved his editing game, and released his first PMV in 2013. Due to a poor initial reaction from his subscribers, he continued on with YTPMVs, until in 2014 when he uploaded his most popular PMV, Overtime. After that, he made some other cool PMVs such as Madness and A Very Special Message for a Very Special Someone. chocalicorn is passionate about video editing and all things horse. He is also a fan of art and fancies a nice tall glass of chocolate milk. Feel free to talk to him, he doesn’t bite!

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space horse daspacepony

daspacepony / Co-Author

This lovely space horse is from the hustling-bustling island Singapore. He has been making PMVs since January 2015 and is fascinated not only with the stars and planets above him, but also the wonderful community of horse editors making videos for fun. Though he is a rather quiet pony, when he is talking about things he love, he says it out enthusiastically and loves meeting all sorts of ponies. He’ll make sure to leave his mark on the universe!

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Retired Staff:

Here’s a list of people who have contributed to the site, but have sadly left the site due to personal reasons/inactivity.

– The Talkie Toaster

– Lord Pony

– TheAnnoyingBrony

– QuetzalDash

– Usbac

– Chrono Fury

– Sky Dash

– The Invincible

– The DanielSaur

– The Spawners

– Syn3rgy

– NameGoes

– MrDeLoop

– Pixel3000nerd