The Sun Is Rising by Abby S



Long time no post! But I have returned at just the right time to post a new video from one of my favorite (and criminally undersubbed) editors, Abby S. This video starts off pretty melancholy but overall is uplifting. Get ready for some feels.

True to her style, The Sun is Rising is sparse on the effects and shows her great sense of timing and scene selection. I would have really liked a story line if possible, but I still thing that even without one this a great video.  There were some transition I felt were questionable, but not to the point I feel they seriously detract in any way from the overall video



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Right Here by lTRuESoULl


Happy Friday folks! Today we have a nice PMV involving the bond between Twilight and Celestia. The PMV seems to imply that they will be around for each other when they need to. At least that’s my take.

One thing I like about this video is the transitions. The editor really knows how to do transitions, and he knows how to do them well. However, I personally feel there were too many effects (less shake please) and sometimes transitions for the song.  Some parts were hit well, but I think the editing might have been a bit too overdone.

Still, it’s a good video and worth a watch.


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Doors by various SFM animators


Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday night. We got something different from the norm to post tonight. While we don’t normally post SFM videos, this one is really neat. Consisting of 36 (I think) SFM animators, it follows Twilight Sparkle as she side scrolls through a series of door, and all the ridiculous and insane situations that happen between each one.  While I haven’t seen the original it’s based on, the concept is simple enough that it’s not necessary to enjoy this remake.

It’s really quite cool to see so many different interpretations of a pony going through a series of doors. The animation through the various segments is really quite adorable and exciting. It’s a cool video and with so many editors I can only imagine how it was coordinated so well.


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Faster by rainbowdashzx


Hey guys, sorry for the late post, I’ve been extremely busy all day long. I’ll keep this post short.


Today we have a new PMV by rainbowdashzx. I’m gonna be honest, I’m having issues making sense of what is going on, but maybe you, the viewer, can.


So my primary reason for confusion is that I simply can’t see what’s going on in the video. There’s too much overlay, and the opacity should have been lowered on it. Additionally, there’s really no reason for it to last the entire length of the video. There was a huge area that just didn’t even bother with clips, just text, which was half illegible because of the overlay. Hope I don’t sound too harsh here.

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Do Your Thing by MrDeLoop

It’s 4AM Ponyville, are you all ready to PAAARRRRTAAAAAAAAAY!?  

Well you better get ready to party, because this video is nothing but 3 min 46 seconds of pure Party Horse craziness. Our own MrDeloop brings us this wonderful and crazy slice of PMV heaven. And by god is it high up. The ridiculousness of this video is off the chats, but it all flows so well to the crazy upbeat song, which like Pinkie, does it’s own thing!


I was informed that this video has been in production since 2012, and holy guacamole does it show. Like seriously, this video is the epitome of what a Pinkie Pie video should be: crazy, hyperactive, random, FUN. There’s even some references to some of Deloops previous shenanigans. From the clip selection, the transitions, text… hell, everything is just perfect to me, and I usually don’t find myself saying that on a video. It all just say’s Pinkie so well, and it’s all so polished and shiny. Just re watch and try to find all the little details that were edited in, it’s crazy! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve played this video already…


Incredible job MrDeloop, this is easily my favorite Pinkie PMV and probably in my top 5 favorite PMVs ever made! The work you did shows.

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Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling – by DoubleRainbowfilly


Hey all! Tonight we have a flashy PMV by DoubleRainbowfilly. Making good use of the new footage we’ve gotten already, this video has quite a few scenes stretching from S1 to S5.

One effect I noticed that was used quite a bit was keying (as opposed to masking). It’s an interesting choice as it’s rarely used in PMVs. Some of that keying was spectacular, and the compositing made for some really interesting scenes overall. The editor here really showed good usage, however there were a few scenes that I wondered why it was there, like the black on the tree house before the transition and on the mannequins (the next scene was perfect though with the composited footage). Transitions were also quite well done, and I particularly liked the blinds effect.


Check it out for yourself!


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Beyond Bonds by Makenshi179


Good evening! For you enjoyment tonight I have a somewhat unusual PMV based on the new ponies we met in the S5 opener.  Primarily focusing on the 4 characters that rose to prominence at the end of the opener, the video has been made to resemble a J-RPG with menus, information screens, and effects that reflect that.

To me, it’s quite well done, from the effects to editing itself. While I don’t really play J-RPGs, the style works quite well here, and I can certainly see these 4 making an awesome game based on the video.

Today’s picture is from the video, since I though it was quite fitting.

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PMV Double Feature: The Trees and Instamatic by DRUMMERSHY


Happy Friday everyone! Hope it’s going well!

Today we have a double feature, with both The Trees and Instamatic by DRUMMERSHY.

Our first feature of our double feature, The Trees, is to the song by Rush. As you can imagine, it’s filled with trees and that yellow pony that wanted to be one.

As an editor, I had some issues with the Trees, mostly that the effects were a bit too random and non nonsensical, and there were some cuts that really could have used some work.


Secondly we have Blue Fast in Instamatic.

From a critical standpoint, I rather enjoyed Instamatic. It really felt like 180 from The Trees. Where the The Trees felt random at times, Instamatic seems to have been really on point and is a real improvement. The editing was rather well done and mature in comparison. Worth the watch for sure.


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Take My Hand (EQG RR MV) by respectcopyrightmyass

Tonight we have a Rainbow Rocks PMV by respectcopyrightmyass so I hope you’re ready to rock!

It’s a battle between the Dazzlings and the Rainbooms for the fate of Equestria… or maybe humanity? Both?

I’m not sure, but what I am sure is that if you want a PMV to rock out to, this one will do it. Overall, its not an incredibly complex PMV, but just a lot of fun. It’s worth a watch if you just want rock and ponies Equestria girls.


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(ℙϡ[♏](Ṽ) вℓσω 3.14♫ ♥π ~ ∂αу ~ѕρє¢ιαℓ!!!: α ṧłḯ¢ε ☺ƒ ρї ✿ ♫★ || ∂αяк нσσƒ ѕтυ∂ισѕ ❤ | ★ by DarkHoofStudios


Hello folks, we have a treat for you tonight. I hope you like bright light induced seizures because this will certainly give you them.

This is what happens when you give 10 PMV editors too much time and let them go wild. I don’t think I have much else to say much on this… I’ll let it explain itself.


Caution: It might Talk Dirty to you

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