Stole The Show by rainbowdashzx

It’s hard not to steal the show when you’re the only one worth showing, darling.

Aside from Rarity’s fabulosity complex (a very serious condition), the element of generosity brings out some great modern style PMVs.  The great thing about this next one is that it presents a nice bite-size balance between brilliant design, editing, contrast and even includes a bit of a very simple story.  Simple is better than none though!

The grand focus of this video tends to fall on the design and look of the piece to be honest, which was absolutely wonderful.  Everything from the text styling to the picture elements and especially to the striped masks and great transitions fit well into the style of a fabulous and modern lament about having to go.  With a piece as short and design focused as this one, however, there is room to nitpick.  Thus I can tell you my one disagreement in here would be at 1:11 where we see a silhouette of diamond-butt. The problem is that her eyes can still be slightly seen.  She looks like that girl from Dark Meadow  just a little bit and it’s kinda creepy.  If this was a stylistic choice, I simply have a different opinion.  If it was an error, the editor is just starting to learn a new program version so it’s understandable.

Get some modern style below as your favorite white and purple pony steals the show!

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GASP! Is your video blocked?  Use this hyperlink to take a look at it.  Don’t be lazy; do it now!

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Semi-Automatic by DeathlyPumpkin

Cuz she’s TWISTED UP, inside.

You’ll understand after you hear the song.

While DeathlyPumpkin isn’t a name we hear often in the PMV scene, it certainly seems like the author has amassed a fair amount of followers.  And this video shows why: the simple yet thematically in depth style mixes well with their lip synching and song-appropriate transitions.  It’s a really fitting style for the music due to its often soloed singer and simple rhythm.

One very important part about this video that makes stand out from the rest is its transitions though.  And while you might initially say “What’s the big deal?  I’ve seen that windows movie-maker flip transition a thousand times before,” there is something stylistically matching that goes on.  The reason those WMM types of transitions are frowned upon is because they can sometimes seem too cartoony or casual for the song at hand.  But in this case, the style fits perfectly with the bounce of the tune.

Go see why we’ve got some twisted up horses in ponyville below!

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Centuries by xindit

Hmm, this song sounds strangely similar…

Never mind that, it’s time for a new rendition of the hit by Fall Out Boy, and this time a little simpler with an entirely different theme.  I just love how people can take the same song, same available content, and turn it all into something entirely new without necessarily having to use effects to exaggerate that difference.  And in this new piece, we also see some fan content thrown in!

“How is it different?” you ask?  Well my friends, it’s quite simple.  In the traditional thought of many in the fandom, Centuries’ message and lyrics could apply boldly and only to T. Sparklez and the crew.  They would be remembered positively for their victories over the villains.  However, in this video, we see some spotlight shed on Sunset Shimmer, who the editor seems to imply, will be remembered for centuries because she kind of turned into a demon in the previous movie and that ain’t something that really just slips your mind.

The PMV does focus on other villains though, and it seems to be a theme that can apply to a wide variety of characters.  xindit’s take is one of a kind, so you should check it out below!

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College Filly by Arthychaud


Today’s PMV is brought to you by the theme of bullying.  And indeed, it’s a very touchy subject: Arthychaud said that this is one of his most personal videos and I’m sure the theme relates back to many of us.  For some background, the format and style of the piece is based off of the original music video for the song, which isn’t uncommon in the editing world.

Luckily for us, this video doesn’t end like the original (explicit) and instead shows the positive effects of adult intervention (bonus points to Arty!).  Not much can be said about the effects aside from how the visuals are extremely formatted in a neat and clean way.  This really helps to create an environment, especially during surreal parts with fractal noise.

The reason some people make PMVs is to say something that can’t be said with just words or a song or a video alone.  In that way, I can’t tell you what this video is saying, so go check it out below!

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All I Ever Wanted by Eldonde

Lack of Egyptian ponies in this fandom?  I think so.  Click that image and follow the deviantArt if you so desire more!

As for this PMV, we have a stunning ponification of a song from The Prince of Egypt.  In the story of this, Applejack plays the part of a prince who runs from his true past and tries to rest assured that they are content with what they have.  Of course, AJ ends up finding some nasty business going down and has to be reassured by her “mother”, Granny Smith.

We often find ourselves dabbling over quality in visual stimulus, and it’s easy to see this is no particularly perfect pearl of a pony video.  Frame rate drops as though one were playing Skyrim at full graphics and it doesn’t flow particularly nicely because of that.  Also, those vignetted portraits imply a supremely strict literal interpretation which can sometimes look a bit too forced.

Overall, lovely clips and great job of sticking to story lining.  Look below to find Applejack being a princess! (lol, irony)

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Still Alive by Daga Yemar

Portal 2 was one of those games where you could get stuck on a level for hours and not care because there were BOXES involved.  Fun!

We haven’t had a genuinely funny PMV in a good while, so here’s a new one from Daga Yemar whose name is impossible to spell without auto correct butting in. -_-

Moving on, the video is a little rough at first being that you have to know Portal to really get all of the jokes and references.  But by the end, the jokes are obvious and still entertaining enough to make you smile even if you’re not a huge fan of the game or if you rage quit after level four.  Tons of literal interpretations of the lyrics and fantastic lip syncing also make this a great thing to watch.

So click the video below to start your adventure to space! SPACE!!!

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Come On by Stellafera

Ya know, I’ve always really disliked Spike as a character.


So drop what you’re doing and listen up, because this new one by Stellafera will change everything you thought you knew (maybe) about the purple pair .  First answer: No, it is not a shipping PMV.  It’s really just a fantastic journey through the relationship of two wonderfully interwoven characters.  Heck, one might say it’s pretty “d’awwwn cute!” *Badum Tss*

The video not only recounts the times the two adventured throughout Equestria together, but it shows their failures in the show and how they pick themselves up.  All of the editor’s scenes really tie in literally with the lyrics and show just how much Panic!’s words relate to what’s going on.  It’s a story about everlasting friendship, shared failures and victories, and at the end there’s a beginning.  And of course, Stella tells it best below!

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Home – Madeon by MrLogic

Just how comfortable and homely can My Little Pony make you feel?

Well, as much as this next PMV can, which certainly brings up tons of nostalgic happiness from all sorts of seasons from our favorite horse show.  This particular video really brings it back for me personally thanks to that VHS style visual effect which was a very prominent detail in the Princess Bride tape that I watched at least a thousand times.

MrLogic, one of our most unrecognized editors, has brought an atmosphere that feels as comfortable as the show itself.  While there is PLENTY of overused footage from the finale scenes of each season, I truly do think that they were required to bring together the sense of nostalgia.  It makes it so much deeper for someone who’s been in the fandom for a while.  And those hugely popular scenes are actually used really well with an inspirational track, so I’d deem it fitting.

Check this thing out for yourself as you bask in the square screen of the old days.

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One Last Wish by Gunca PMV

Pie is a little known weakness of the changelings, particularly Pinkie’s passionfruit pies.

Pies, ponies and PMVs are all prevalent in this next gem from GuncaPMV.  Except I might have lied about the pies.  The pie is a lie.

Moving on, this video was a one week challenge from our editor, who is back in the scene after a bit of a hiatus.  There’s a bunch of lovely camera movement and lighting going on in this piece, and this would be incredible if there was more time put into it.  As it stands right now in the world of editing, there were a lot of rough patches in the placement and general technical details.  Wings may seem disconnected, prolonged and slightly pretentious introductions and texts appear where they might should not, and where pictures could have easily told the story.

But that’s the important part: the story.  It’s a fantastic find after a small drought of pony music videos and you should check it out now for a simple hypothetical changeling war and some great editing ideas.

Pies Ponies below!

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Cutie Mark Quests Trailer by MysteryMelt

We didn’t get to posting this a while ago :( But it is a worthy piece of work that shows the fan animation and trailers department is still very much alive!

So take a gander at the epic and dramatic story creation that goes on in MysteryMelt’s video as we journey through a hypothetical season 5 plot point.  The best part about this trailer is that it makes its own original story out of just custom animation and show clips that come together so dramatically with the music.

Yes, the fan-made part is a bit subpar.  Animation movements are heavily tweened and the art style isn’t quite like the show.  There’s some fairly out of key edits made every now and then that, when contrasted with the clips from the show, seem to stand out particularly short.  However, if you look past the aesthetic edits and further into the mind of the editor, there are great things at work here and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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