Twilight Sparkle Plays Dark Souls by Jaref

For today, here’s a parody based in a RPG.

Honestly, I’ve never played Dark Souls and even, it don’t caught my attention… until today, finally I see this game more thoroughly and the Twilight’s voice makes it better and more funny in this video.
Some dialogues fit perfect, I took out some smiles when I was watching it. Anyway, this shows us that not everything needs to be “perfect” or “amazing” to entertain us.

Highly recommended if you want to have a good time laughing. So, watch the video below.

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EPRBOE#1 Twilight vs Trixie by Izeer PMV’s

EPRBOE=Epic Pony Rap Battles Of Equestria

For today here’s a special video, it’s a PMV, it’s a parody and it has typography.

It’s a parody of Epic Rap Battles of History but with a different style (the same style of the another great PMVs of Izeer). Some vectors, green screens, transitions and classic effects over the background.
My favorite part begins in the minute 0:25, I really liked that ilumination and particles.
So, who won in this new video? Twilight? Trixie? It’s simple, you decide.

Our intrepid artists are constantly making more interesting videos for this fandom, that’s why you should take a look of the video below. You won’t regret.

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Hey Brother by PartyGrunt

A PMV based on the song Hey brother! by Avicii, and focused on Twilight and Shining Armor.
This video uses some great scenes from the episode A Canterlot Wedding Part 1-2, also the typography effects are loyal to the original video. Personally, I recommend this song as it’s one of my favorites in this time of the year.

Anyway, you should be strong in this time with the claims of Hasbro, because all the fandom is supporting us. Stay awesome!


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Quiet • PMV Collab [Happy Valentines Day!] by Jerxmy

Today, here’s a PMV based in the valentine’s day (somewhat that’s not really common), is a little bit short, but whatever, is great.
Another thing to clarify, this was made in Sony vegas pro, but it seems that was done in After Effects. I mean, all this typography and transitions, besides amazing, are typical of AE, and now, Sony vegas and our intrepid artists are already hard at work showing to us the capacity of those another video edition programs.

Also, the song is quiet, relaxing, very enjoyable for everypony, etc… And synchronized with some pictures and drawings of this fandom makes this great PMV.

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Everything Wrong With Dusk’s Dawn in 4 Minutes or Less by LittleshyFiM

LittleshyFiM brings us a new Cinema Sins parody, based in the fan-made animation: Dusk’s Dawn, this animation doesn’t have a “very” good reception in the fandom, all this maybe is for the mistakes of animation/sounds/editings/etc….

But whatever, in a more personal view for the original video and the creators, I recommend this phrase: “The quality is always better than quantity”. These different errors can work as an intuition and experience for make better animations and videos.

So… keep it up your work guys! persistence is the key to success.

Prepare your popcorn, because you will have a funny parody that’s below.

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My Little Pony: トモダチは魔法 Season 3 OP「Wonderful Rush」By Racecarghost1

Today, Racecarghost1 brings us another of his videos inspired in the japanese style, overall now it’s different, he doesn’t uses the classic vectors or the retro games reference, now this is supposed to be an MLP intro of the season 3 with a little reference to the PMVs.

The lyrics in the video doesn’t help to the people that don’t know japanese language, but also, we aren’t here for understand another language, we are here to see all this effects and scenes that are combinated in a great and solid video.
It’s a little short in comparation with the another works of Racecarghost1 but overall it’s funny,colorful and entertaining.

PD: Watch the video below, have a nice day and be happy!

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The Ponies are Going Home by Paul Miller IV


For this Tuesday, here’s a simple PMV based in the song Home of Daughtry.

Maybe, the best thing of this video are the scenes, without watermarks, clear and with a very good quality and colors, that’s something to be valued especially if they are well organized.
But here are the scenes of the season 4 too, finally I can see that more people are using these great moments/chapters, and for that thing this video doesn’t look very repetitive.

Let’s go to watch the video below, everyday is a good day to see PMVs stuff.

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Cinemare Sins End-Gag Compilation (Season 1 & Specials) by LittleshyFiM

Today we have a compilation based in all the final scenes and bonus of the parodies of Cinemare Sins made by LittleshyFiM for celebreting the end of the first season parodied completely.

Some are really funny and seem taken from Ponies the anthology videothe others are just ridiculous but they make us laugh. Recommended if you want to have a good time laughing and watching videos with a parody style. So, why don’t you watch the video below? Why don’t take advantage of laughing with a hilarious parody?

This is your desicion!

YouTube Preview Image
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PMV – Community by Bronies & Mash


A big congrats to Bronies & Mash for his more of 500 subscribers!. We have started the new year, and we are full of expectation and new hopes for this 2014.

Whatever, here’s a funny video based in the track Community Remix by DJ Steve Porter. This is a PMV that doesn’t want to show effects, transitions or typography… but that’s good, is good to have diversity in this fandom mainly in the section of videos and PMVs. This have a very good lip sync and with the selection of scenes is almost certainly that it will give us a good smile.

First: Watch the video below if you want to have a good time.

Second: I’m sure that it will be a great year with all the bronies/pegasisters that makes it reality.


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Passion by Poki

Today here is a special video, isn’t a PMV, isn’t a parody, is a video to reflect. This is based in the video of Apple called: Designed by Apple – Intention

Not much videos that talks about the reality, but this video talks about our fandom, our community, about us… with some effects, typography and animations, all with a minimalist touch but attractive, showing another perspective. A really different video of the others, that bring a important message. This video is for all the haters that judge us and criticize us without see our true faces… our true inspiration.

You need to watch this or the previous great videos of Poki.

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