Five Night’s At Pinkies 4 – The Nightmare by JollyOldCinema

Hello everyone! We’re about a month or two away from Halloween. So how about a spooky video? A Source Filmmaker PMV! Oooo ^_^ This one is well made. The animations and visuals are great. The cinematography and character’s expressions matches the creepy ambient of the song (and the video itself). As you can tell from the title, this is based on the horror game series: “Five Nights at Freddy’s”. Even if you’re not a fan of the game series, you should really check this video out. Especially if you like spooky vids. The song is catchy too, it made me dance along with the video, even while the creepy pony animatronics moved around and sing. I gotta say, I love the animatronic models on this one. Anyways, go watch the video yourself down below!

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Untouchable by Alanj2007Games [Collab]

Here’s an incredible collab that came out yesterday, set to the song “Untouchable” by Tritonal and Cash Cash. Each part was beautiful, had their own styles, and transitioned into the next fluidly. This collaboration actually contains one of our own staff, JackDC93!

It was interesting to see how each person interpreted the lyrics. Most of them were unique, and some that were notable were the use of the mane 6 rainbow powers and Equestria girls; and my personal favorite, DASpacePony’s use of ponies from the S5 premiere. I only wish that they also included the Power Ponies. :(

You may recognize Alanj2007Games, and a few of his collab partners, from other groups such as The Collaboratory. And I hope this video is a success, because I’d love to see more from them. If you agree, why don’tcha go ahead and check it out, and maybe even share with your friends! I could go on rambling about this PMV, but hopefully I’ve gotten you excited enough to watch it now!

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One Little Victory by Drummershy


Hello PMVToday, I am Abby, and I am one of your new overlords here on the site! If you don’t know me, I won the drama category for the PMVToday contest at BronyCon this year, and have had a couple videos featured on the site in the past, so people seem to think I know what I’m doing.

Anyway, today I bring you a video that deserves way more views than it has. It focuses more on the action side of the show, and though there does seem to be an emphasis on Twilight, each member of the mane 6 gets a moment to shine.

Drummershy’s best assets seem to be clip selection and lipsyncing. The character’s mouths are timed very well with the music – though there are a couple instances where they go off, it’s never very distracting. The clips always fit with the tone and lyrics of the song. Add in some nice masking and a couple of neat effects, and you have a really good PMV. Go check it out below, and give it some love.

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Super Sonic Racing by Soniccrew128

Gotta go fast! Hey guys, Pixel3000nerd here! Today bringing you with another of the entries made for the PMV Contest 2015. This one, made by Soniccrew128 is a great one! I myself love fast paced music, and I love it when the PMV itself matches it’s rhythm too. This one does it’s job well. Ranging from some typography, to clips from various sources, show and from Ponies IRL. The transitions and animation are perfectly timed with the rhythm of the song, which by itself the lyrics is super catchy too. Actually, it’s from Sonic Generations! I’ve been dancing and bobbing my head to his :3 In short words, a great fast paced PMV. If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch it here down below. Congrats on winning 3rd place in Action category!

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Shine by Epsi1

Here’s a shoutout to a less popular editor, Epsi1. This guy recently released a nice typography for the PMV Today contest, but unfortunately did not place.
He seemed to be experimenting with new effects, to gain more experience. Some of them were not so refined as they could be, but he has lots of potential.

My favorite part was the 3-D starry effect in the beginning. It seemed to flow with the song pretty well. The major flaw that I noticed with the effects were that he didn’t have any pre/post bounce when text flies in/out of stage, but he also used easing very well with the shapes and transitions.

Overall, you should definitely keep an eye out — This guy will be big soon. Go and give Epsi some love!

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(Rainbow) Rock of Ages by Bronies & Mash


Hey Equestria, are you ready to ROCK?!

You better be because we’ve got an awesome comeback PMV from Bronies & Mash! Older readers may remember him as “The Invincible”, and he did a great job helping out with the site back in ye olden days.

So today we have a Rainbow Rocks centric PMV set to a pretty damn cool mashup of rock ballads. A common problem during making PMV’s is that sometimes it can be hard to match the atmosphere and vibe of the chosen song. However, Rainbow Rocks being based on music only helps to strengthen how well the video and audio match up.

What we end up with is a really fun and almost seamless tribute to rock music. It’s one of the best uses of EQG footage I’ve seen in a PMV yet. There’s no crazy effects but the footage stands up well enough to deserve merit. Great editing, solid lipsync, and a newfound peak for EQG music videos. I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to breathe new life into the site. I also can’t count how many times I’ve replayed the section at 1:47. The whole thing deserves praise for it’s awesome execution. I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see if Invincible has more tricks up his sleeve.

Unleash your inner rockstar below!
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Stay With Me by HarmonicWind


Hey guys. Really does feel great being able to review content for you on a consistent bassis, so lets keep the ball rolling.

Today’s PMV is Stay With Me by HarmonicWind. And as motion graphics PMV’s go, I find this refreshing. Although there’s obviously some influence from people like Acleps, there’s a lot of new stuff here too.

Love the integration of show clips inside the text. That part with dash in the dome was just stunning, and is a very complex effect to pull off. Fantastic use of 3d too. I recommend watching at 60fps too if possible, it’s incredibly smooth.

There’s no surprise it won the feel good category. And just like a feel good PMV should, it had me smiling by the end. This person needs way more subs than they currently have, so go give em some.

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Itty Bitty by TheAcleps

Hello guys! Finally back for another post! Been quite a busy month, and on my new schedule right now, dealing with college and stuffs. But anyways, onwards to this PMV. One thing I gotta say: Acleps never dissapoints me. In terms of visuals, editing and all that kind of stuffs, this guy is a genius! As soon as I clicked the video, I couldn’t stop smiling. Both because of the editing and the music choice. When I heard the first second I was like “Shawn Wasabi!!!”. The motion graphics in this really matched the song and added in a few pony sound fxs on it’s own to blend in with the song’s style. Overall a happy pmv that is like candy to my eyes. There’s even a 60 fps version for those who are interested!

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Orbital Friendship Laser by LittleshyFiM

To continue with our contest highlights, we have the Action entry by LittleshyFiM which made 2nd place in our very own contest.

Basically, this is visually insane. Almost a year of work brings a short rapidfire burst of crazy visual effects. Seemingly related to the [Orbital Friendship Cannon] video back from 2011, the video toys with the idea of Celestia having a weapon of mass destruction, or in this case, friendship. This time around we seem to have a more consistent theme, with the objective being to wipe out all those pesky changelings with the assistance of Miss Sparkle.

While short, the video certainly packs an array of punches. I found it to be almost stunningly well done. It was a pretty hard decision for this not to steal first place, but Acleps brought some tough competition into the fray. I feel that this epitomizes the Action category in more ways than one. The combination of 3D animation, lens flares and lighting creates a compelling cinematic style which stands out over the rest of the entries. I have to compliment Littleshy for how hard he must’ve worked to get a lot of the effects to work. These are effects you’d typically see in movies, so to match them up with a fun pastel-coloured horse cartoon can’t be an easy feat. It’s incredibly well done and proves how great an artist LS can be with HitFilm.

Check out some awesome intensity below!

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Awake O Sleeper! by ObsessiveBookworm


Saddle up, partner. We’re going for a ride.

Although the PMV itself doesn’t seem to be related to the typical western theme, the song certainly gives those vibes. And now I’m seriously craving more PMV’s done to that genre. We need more badass Applejack in this community – but I digress.

For the most part, the video focuses on the Mane 6 and their overarching stories which works very well with the furious intensity of the song. ObsessiveBookworm has really nailed down the timing for this one. It’s some really solid editing, powerful in nature and certainly carrying dramatic weight behind it. One of the best things about simplistic PMV’s is that by stripping away the effects, you’re left with the base visuals. This can be great for storytelling, and the atmosphere is definitely one of the positives in this one. If I had to raise an objection, it would be that I don’t quite understand if there was a sense of a direction going on here. I think a more consistent focus on individual characters or stories could’ve helped. Like OB mentions in the description, it’s a very cool song and a PMV of it had to be made. Could it be done better? Maybe. Did I enjoy it? Hell yes. It was great!

Check out some crazy intensity below.
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